Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pilrimage to Melaka - AGAIN!

ok ok ok... here's the Melaka trip post :P

it was Agung's birthday and we (the dugongs) celebrated it by going on a road trip to melaka, land of history and food! we skipped the history part and went straight for food cause we ALREADY had history the last time we went. history doesn't change isn't it! lol

so one car drove from PG straight to melaka and the other car from KL to melaka. the two cars met up half way at Subang Jaya toll to go together to melaka.

madam rosie and moi

uncle and moi

first up was home cooked peranakan/baba nyonya food at baba ee's place. as always we headed there for our first meal (and yes, there will be a second one before we go back!!) dishes are usually the same great ones, but maybe different sides. whatever it is, it's all goooooodddd... (i'm hungry now, writing this!)

kangkung belacan, keluak curry, ikan cili garam, roasted duck and pork with special chilly/peanut sauce to go with it - YUM!

and by the time we finished lunch, we hung around the kampung hse, chit chatting, getting hot (with the heat)... we got to our accomodation (friend's holiday hse) and cleaned up, rested, sorted our sleeping places, set GPS and then it's ROUND2!!! Satay Celup!

yea now they got signs saying that they only have one shop - the next door shop has NO relation whatsoever!

the line gets long by the minute, starting at 6pm

and why are the girls waiting in line?

here's a clip on what's being added to the satay celup gravy, there's extra peanuts, serunding/krisik spices and sugar..... yum yum.. their secret recipie! very thick and nice! (not spicy though but it's better that way!)

here's my kangkung celup :)

so then after lots of celup-ing, tummy full already, we decided to walk to Jonker's Street, knowing it's just round the corner, we didn't know WHICH corner, GPS didn't work cause it didn't show "Jonkers Street/Walk" and i suggested it was Jln Hang Tuah (which i really thought it was) in the end, it was actually Jln Hang Jebat... sigh (sorry guys! hey at least the walk did us good with our full tummys!)

so we passed St Senget church (hahahah) and surprisingly the river had clear water and not teh-tarik water. there were even a couple taking wedding photos...aawwww....

so here's a clip of gula ketuk @ Jonker's Street
the whole family chips in to help ketuk the candy - here is the sons' turn

and here is one of the many line dancing groups along Jonker's Street
- note the guy is leading the troup

so after Jonker's Street, we went to Seafarers to meet up with uncle's friends. it's a nice place, out over the beach/sea, warm winds (or sometimes no winds at all) and chilled drinks. a place to hang out, eat, drink and catchup with old friends. (see if u can spot the "ghostly" figure in the pic)

so the next day, after a good nites sleep (it RAINED!!! thank God!) we headed to Jonker's Street again for lunch. we wanted to go HERE but the line was oo long, we couldn't wait. so we ended up to Famosa Chicken Rice Ball.

yea, we over ordered chics and balls... HAHAHHA

then we walked along Jonker's Street to relax our tummys, but the heat was sooo bad that we didn't really shop. we headed to one of the cendol shops and i got my DURIAN cendol, nice.... :D later we met the rest at one of the alleys.. look what Mr Capel bought! love that shirt!

after a long hot day out, we went back, had a shower and rested. this it is to get ready for the next feast - Alaa Seafood! here they server nasi lemak as their rice. this nasi lemak is abit different - sambal at the bottom, rice on top, so when u open the packet, you would think it's just white rice! but it's not! :D

upside-down nasi lemak

the food we had, bamboo lala and squid

fresh ikan bakar - we also had pari but pic didn't turn out nicely

and that was DAY 2! hahaha after seafood, we in the end ended up at Seafarers again because it was a saturday, and there was a river festival happening in town and everyone suggested NOT to go to town because of the traffic jam, so... where else to go to chill? Seafarers! lol this time we stayed abit longer as we did have naps in the afternoon.
the next day lunch, we headed back to baba ee's place for our final lunch in melaka, home cooked food again! yum! this time we had different dishes!

pickled green chillies

pongteh - chicken and pork

lemak fish - we also had itiktim (duck sour soup) and it went like hot cakes!

after lunch we just chilled in the hse, trying to tahan the heat. uncle had friends over to help with the food so we just rested before our long journey back to the north - of course we camwhored too!

i like this pic! thanks rosie

must have group pic!

here's baba ee's homemade melaka belacan

what's the BEST way to end your holiday in melaka? i'll tell u what! it's with Bukit Rambai kick-ass Cendol!! omg! this is the best! and it's only RM1.50 (though u need to wait quite abit for your order as there will be LOADS of ppl in line and only one lady to do everything). price may increase over time but at this time its RM1.50. it's all home made, and santan is thick!

the kidney beans and cendol - the pink and white ones are for ginger syrup dessert (name of it is not popping out from my head at this moment)

mother of all cendols!

after a bowl each (becks and i wanted seconds but it was too long to wait) we all headed back to our cars and started off our journey back home.... so sad....

the car that lead the other KAR around

we had a slow ride back as there wer lots of traffic on the highway heading towards KL an around Ipoh area. by the time we reach penang state it was dinner time. so we headed towards Nibong Tebal for choo char. quite good food i'd say :D

lemon chicken

octopus - yum!!

too khar (pork knuckle)

and again, the trip was great! abit too hot this time but it's all good, we had rests inbetween and didn't really stuff ourselves non-stop - not like last year. thanks rosie for planning this trip once again. so for next year (or next trip) hope to have a portugese meal at the Portugese Square :D

* side track abit - Nyonya Chang (pics below)

here's the famous Nyonya Chang! it's been YEARS since i had one (when i was like 7 years old or something?) my grandma used to make at home, and even made to sell at one time! bought about 10 and is now sitting in the freezer - we're treating it like gold, wanting it to last


Huai Bin said...

We saw a wedding couple taking photos too! I suspect its the same one. :)

Shimmers said...

hahaha... then, we were in Melaka the same time! cool!