Monday, November 09, 2009

Papa Joe @ Portugese Settlement, Melaka

Papa Joe's restaurant is in the Portugese Settlement and yes, he's a Portugese. i believe he also speaks Portugese! what's unique about this restaurant, is that they have a small bar INSIDE it... meaning, it's like a separate room, separated by a heavily tinted glass door...
anyway, we came here for dinner and i was excited on what dishes that has been pre-ordered for us. Papa Joe personally welcomed us and served us, so nice!

Portugese style of Otak-otak

asam prawns! LOVELY!

... the KILLER DISH!! DEVIL's CURRY!!!! 50% of us cried while consuming this! yes, it was THAT spicy!!! but it was LOVELY!!!

grilled fish - half eaten (was too hungry, only remembered half way through to take a pic)

i'm sure we had omelette and veg dishes but again, being busy during the day going here going there, we were really hungry at that moment, and again we whacked everything!!! :) i'm not too sure bout the prices, but i'm sure its reasonable as well.
just before leaving, Papa Joe brought out his guitar and started playing a few tunes for us! all were in Portugese, there was one love song, friendship song, happy song and even popular ones like Jingling Nona, Labamba.... etc. he was good on his guitar and his singing was powerful!! what a surprise for us!!

so if u're looking for authentic portugese food, try out Papa Joe's restaurant!! it's a lovely place, with friendly ppl and good entertainment!!


Josette said...

What a delightful restaurant! I'd love to go there someday and that's a nice review.

Cool, Papa Joe even came out and sang for his guests! We're so used to commercial eating outlets that such old-fashioned service hardly comes by anymore. I hope that Papa Joe's restaurant stands proud for many years to come.

Shimmers said...

hi and thanks!

yup its a nice place and it was a surprise for us to have him sing a few tunes for us!! :D

try it out if u drop by Melaka!