Monday, November 09, 2009

Amoy (fish shaped cake) @ Melaka

Amoy is a fish-shaped-cake (as how Sixthseal puts it). i knew it was something different yet i somehow knew how the taste would be.. i mean, cake + pandan kaya/pandan mooncake filling? i'm sure u can imagine how that would taste. anyway, i was kinda shocked/excited when i read Huai Bin blogging bout it on the 1U /Korean version he had. :D told him Melaka also got heheh

to the Melaka version is called Amoy (i don't know why) and it's being sold in a shop at the corner of Jonker's Walk. first i saw the funny looking machine making there lil cakes and went to kaypoh to see what's it about... practically it makes from the start till end (the finished BAKED product!)... the staff was just hanging around checking if the machines are pouring enough batter, filling to the molds and taking the cakes out from the mold... interesting...

these are sold Buy 5 Free 1 for about RM7 or something, can't really remember and packed in a cute lil box. it had pandan filling. the guy said it's like filling in mooncake... i thought it was pandan flavoured custard filling. but anyway, it's kinda nice, not too sweet, lovely for tea time but must eat it when hot and fresh. if it's cold, it'll just taste like old cold cake.
so if u guys wanna try it out, head towards the nice air-con shop, can't remember the name of the shop... (selling dry foods, chicken biscuits, tarts, herbal tea...etc) at the start of Jonker's Walk (just opposite the chicken rice ball coffee shop) and you can see the machine on the left, and u can purchase it there at the machine. don't know why not IN the shop though. it's a great snack but then again, there's always the Melaka cendol! LOL

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