Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sight Seeing in Melaka

everyone knows Melaka is a sight seeing place... so what do u do there exactly... here's a brief list of things we did on our last trip.
there's the red bus (double decker bus). we didn't go on it cause we had cars. it's a good way to sight see around Melaka this way but then, with the heat that's extra hot, i'm not sure if it's a good idea! unless u wanna get a tan! then go ahead!!!

then there's night life.. don't really know much of night life there other than Jonker's Walk and Geographers! lol... we were brought here to Rally's and it was an ok place until their band turned up.. really put us off with their songs!! guess they serve the locals... LOL

while walking around the RED buildings in town, u'd see this top guy playing with his tops near the river, you can give a try in spinning one but it can be dangerous if u don't know where you're throwing the top!!

us hanging around (in the sun) among the red buildings :) there's lots of shops behind us selling drinks and souvenirs, great place to take pictures, and just soak in the "history"..hmm......

you can also opt for a river boat ride that brings you along the famous Melaka river... not sure if they have a narrator on board but yea, another point of view to see Melaka.. i haven't been on it before... maybe next time!

Jonkers Walk is not as busy in the day compared to the night, but at least in the day u can see the colours, paints and buildings properly! here's one of the famous shops there, the Orang Utan shop. it sells funky t-shirts!

hehehe proof that i've been to melaka... actually this is my first time seeing this wall! all the times i've been here we never actually came to this part of Jonkers Walk, not in the day that is!

then there's this Menara that you can go up on to see the WHOLE view of Melaka.. or as far as the eye can see! if u're scared of heights, better not, cause there's no where to hide in that viewing compartment and the glass is just at your face! somehow we enjoyed this cause it had air-con in it! lol... the ride was abit too short though could have been longer and slower.... wonder how it is at night.. hmm...

then i'm sure if u went around Melaka you would have seen this big ship! it's a museum mind you! and an air-con one! LOL.. (yea we tend to go to air con places! you would too!!) the museum's about Hang Tuah and his fellow buddies, how Melaka was started, the ships that came to shore, and their businesses here in Melaka. interesting if u like history stuff :)

so, don't take it as it's only this to do in Melaka! there's more places to go, to see, to do, it all depends on your likes and the tours you wanna take to see. some ppl go there for food (like us), some go there for history purposes, some go there for shopping.... so yea, there's always something for everyone! Happy Holidays!! Cuti-Cuti Malaysia! ;)

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