Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my 1st trip to THAILAND yo!! (Phuket) - DAY 2

sorry guys.. was kinda tied up with stuff... i've uploaded the pics of the trip and saved it as draft just didn't have time to update it...
anyway here it is.
2nd day started very early, the van picked me up from the hotel at around 8am to go to the jetty to go for the Phi Phi island trip. the van picked me up and it was full. the journey to the marina was kinda long so fell asleep a few times in the van.. no thanks to late nite at the bar before. so when we reached the marina - Royal Phuket Marina, we were greeted by the staff, offered us coffee/tea and cookies and sea sickness pill!! good, i took one - just in case :D
didn't really make friends cause there were lots of families and couples (dun wanna kacau) and groups of friends who spoke in different languages - french, german and other languages i can't pick up... anyway, thought it'd be a "me time" trip, enjoy the sites and scenery ... :D

the boat was full! basically, no empty seats!! i sat as infront as i could cause i knew the back would get abit bumpy and wet (if rain)
1st beach - Maya Bay (where the movie The Beach was filmed) i've got more pics it's in the link in the previous post.
passing some mini islands around Phi Phi - and snorkeling spot. i didn't go in, was too tired to snorkel hehehheh....

Viking Cave - cave of swallows, birds that makes the healty drink - birds nest seems the quality of birds nest from this cave is very good. the workers actually stay in that cave! i just LOVE the water!! see how blue it is!!
had a short 15min stop at Monkey Beach - nothing fancy, same monkeys u'd see at Botanical Gardens.. but these were wild, heard ppl can get bitten if u disturb them... hmm....

next stop was here Phi Phi "The Beach" Resort for lunch. it was a buffet lunch and had about 1 and half hrs to hang around. we were all so hungry that most of the food finished!! O_O the resort was lovely, they even had a small swimming pool incase guests didn't like the sea.. BUT WHO doesn't!!!! anyway, i didn't really go burn myself on this beach cause i didn't bring down my towel and stuff so, just hid under the shade and eaves dropping on people's conversation - quite interesting! heheheh..... i also went walking around taking pics n enjoying the scenery

the last stop was at Khai Nok beach (or sounded like that). it's just a small island with not much trees.. its 80% beach!! lovely!! here they had lots of beach chairs, small stalls selling food and drinks. because we were on the tour, they booked a section for us and given free water, soft drinks and fruit... only if u wanted beer or something else, u can buy from the stalls. the beach was PACKED!! and we were adviced to pay for a chair 150 Baht so that our things won't get lost. too bad we only had about 1hr 40 mins there... could do for another hr or so... i didn't burn enough :P

big ass corn - 50 Baht

unfortunately it started to rain when we were about to go home, at least the whole trip was clear weather AND i sat closely near to the front so i just had to cover myself with my towel to prevent from rain.. got wet though in the end but not as wet :)

was pretty burnt (tired) out from the trip that i slept most of the time in the van on the way back to the hotel - it was still raining in phuket :( so got back, no time for nap, had to get changed and got some dinner with mum's friend - mum didn't want to go out, too tired.. lol so 1st again, i went to get my pork McD burger... :D
then we went hunting for Tom Yam!! common, u go to Thailand and NOT eat tom yam? i had too!! at least once! :D it was quite good!! i'm just drooling thinking about it now..

after dinner we walked to the mall to get my shopping done @ Jungceylon. and again up and down Bangla Road to take in the sights! had to take the "Welcome to Patong" sign for proof... err can u spot me? heheheh... sad to know that that night was my last night there, there's sooo much to do and see in Phuket and was really getting to know the guys at the bar.

so once mum's friend was safely back to our room, i got changed and the key, and i went back to the bar for some drinks and last nite out. this time there were more forum members there but were too busy playing games with the thai girls. didn't really take much pics. tried not to play UNO, if not i won't go back to the hotel! lol would get addicted to the game.

here are the owners of the bar and forum :) lovely people!!

a Swedish member of the forum - good company :D

another forum member (English/Canadian) and the couple

i think i left the bar at around 3am or so... hhahha i sobered myself up with some grilled-meat-on-sticks before i went back to the room.... again, i'm starting to drool thinking about that!!! aiyo!!! hahahah....
so that's day 2, day 3 is when we go home... :( i'll be posting that up too... hold on! :D

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