Monday, November 09, 2009

Chicken Rice Balls, Chung Wah @ Melaka

and i FINALLY tried THIS chicken rice ball in Melaka!!! we had to go in the morning about 10am to get a seat! that too we were lucky as it was already quite full in there, but at least we didn't have to line up outside the shop till over the bridge!!! hahahahhah

see no line! :D

this place has nothing fancy, it's just like any other ol coffee shop you see at the side of the road. the only thing they have here are their balls (chicken rice ones that is!) and steamed (or was it boiled) chicken.. i don't think they have anything else other than this... oh and of course drinks. even their special home-made chilly sauce was superb, very garlicky though.
the chicken meat is sooo tender, it nearly melts in the mouth, makes you feel like u can eat the whole chicken! even the soy sauce that came in the dish was just right, not too bland, not too salty. some of my friends said the chicken was oily but i think they were just complaining for being forced to get up early! LOL the rice was nice a soft and tasty too, you could even eat it on its own (no i'm not copying from Gardenia heheheh)

and so, if you REALLY wanna try this place out, you got 2 (maybe 3) choices.... 1- go early in the day (before lunch time crowd), 2-wait in line in the SUN and maybe 3- try your luck in going AFTER the lunch crowd, not sure if u'll get any food... lol

Shimmers999 recomendation : 9/10 :D (9 because it's not air-con!)

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