Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MyviC outings

here are 2 events that i attended together with the MyviClub that i join.
the first would be the auto show in AutoCity - Mean Machines 2. it was actually my first time going and participating in an auto show. such fun especially if u are in a team! the organisers gave us a lot for about 20 cars or so infront of Porche/Citibank. not a very strategic location compared to last year (last year we had the lots infront of KFC - but i didn't attend that one)
we didn't really do much, we just convoyed to the location on time, parked our cars nicely and that's it! we also shared the location with other Myvi clubs (M.O.G, Myvians...etc) once we parked our cars it was free for us to go around enjoying the carnival. weather was good, not too hot, no rain, so it was good. and it's something new for me :D
just thought this car was cute!

modified Myvi from another club - i love this version of Yellow!
(wouldn't want to design my car like that though - was just impressed with the yellow!)

ooohh i like this bling bling eyelids... hmm should i get some for mine?
the same car - lighted up at nite

now, this MPV has a wide flat screen TV (bigger than wat we have at home) and well, they had 2 towers of beer to show how they chill with their car... NICE!! cheers mate!

and of course there were many many other pics that i took, check out the album here and more from the other members... we wonder what's instore for next year's Mean Machines!

next was our Futsal TT! and this would be my first time getting up close (and maybe not personal) at a futsal game/pitch! quite exciting!! looking at the guys play makes me feel like getting in there to have a few kicks at the ball (no pun intended)... but then i have 0 number of experience in football so didn't wanna spoil their game LOL hahahaah...

anyway, yeah, we were supposed to have it in Safira Club in Prai but it's fully booked, so we had it at Bkt Jambul Complex (rooftop). some of the guys it seems haven't played football and/or futsal for ages! so u can imagine the post-futsal pain they had!

Isfendy relaxing ka? hehehhe

the limited cheerleaders that we had

sweaty men in a row! LOL

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