Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ta Chi House @ Malaka

Ta Chi House is located in Melaka town (opposite the Catholic church - can't remember the name of the church now). it's a corner lot. this place belongs to the family of one of the Melaka CHOICEes. we came here for lunch the minute we touch down in melaka. :) u can imagine how hungry we were!

for starters we had asam beehoon (i think). some of us didn't like it, some said it was ok. this shows that the Penang tounge is quite different from the Melaka tounge! :D

then we had the mains... lovely!! and this was my first time eating paku-pakis!!! O_O we were sooo hungry we whacked everything!! AND had space for CENDOL!!!!

chicken ponteh

sambal petai and ikan bilis

lemak paku-pakis

asam (gulai) fish

cendol with DURIAN!! they were quite generous that day!
normal cendol - still as delicious!

bubur cha cha

nyonya chang!!! YUMMY!!!

the prices for food here are reasonable and it's at a location where u can have your 1st meal in Melaka or your last meal.. cause it's situated on the main road coming in from the highway. that's how we did it, it was our first meal coming in, and on the way out we had our last cendol!
so yea, come here if u want simple home cooked nyonya dishes. great way to start/end your journey! :D

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