Tuesday, December 01, 2009

what does it mean?

i don't usually dream of my ex, and i haven't dreamt of him since the breakup. but i don't know why, i dreamt of him last nite.
in the dream, as how he is, he was trying to split himself in helping some other people and at the same time trying to help me in my situation (which is wat i don't know..) which ended up me waiting for ages for him and in the end was late for something, or forgotten something, or something was wrong... ended me hating him more and he showing me his puppy sad (sorry) eyes... it was the same story over and over again... and in the dream i felt something too familiar, too painful and i ended up crying, which also woke me up
it surprised me actually, i mean it's been nearly 9 months and i can say that i was nearly "there" in moving on, not as angry, not as envy, not as hateful, not as sad, not as dissapointed, not as depressed before... i truthfully really thought i was over him, but then this dream happened, and it's all coming back to me.. damn!
what does this actually mean???

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