Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1st few experiments

so i'm planning to start something here, something i LIKE and ENJOY doing (unlike my day job). but because i have no experience, it's all from scratch and bottom for me. i'm learning to make cupcakes (and other stuffs in future) from 0. i've been researching recipies, reading, youtube-ing on techniques and below are a few of my experiments.
i'm glad to say i'm improving but, not good enough to be marketed and be sold. so in the mean time, my friends and family will be enjoying free cupcakes and are my guinea-pigs! lol sorry guys!! until i'm confident (and they look better enough) to sell them!
leave comments on what u think or your suggestions! greatly appreciated!

my 1st attempt! the cake was ok, but somehow the papercup didn't stick to the cake, so once the cupcake was cool, the paper started to remove itself from the cake, so didn't really look good. this was also my first time experimenting with butter cream icing - i never tried it before, came out ok, but the texture is not fine enough and had air-bubbles in the piping bag.... also, i did a boo boo with the colouring... hahhah

this one, don't know what i was thinking, the cake became, dry, also i didn't put enough batter in the papercups thus, again, the papercup didn't stik to the cake once it was cool... :( icing this time was better as i stuck to what i knew best - royal icing!! this time i experimented with different icing nozzels. am quite happy with this - the icing, NOT the cake!

this was a dissaster! it was a very rushed job! i wanted to make choc cupcakes but i didn't prepare enough. i didn't have coco powder so instead, i used milo instead. gosh! the taste was ok but it was harder than brownies!!! not very nice! though this time the papercups DID stick to the cake! LOL. the icing however, also a disaster, it was purely buttercream (different recipie) and well, didn't really turn out properly... not very happy - waste of time and resources

this one was my best! and what i'm scared is that i won't be able to do this again - you know how cooking is, if u're that type of "cook", u can never get the same results the second time even if u follow the recipie properly... yes, i'm sort of THAT cook.
anyway, found some preserved strawberries in the freezer. and thought, strawberry cupcakes!!! so i googled and found Martha Stewart's strawberry cupcakes! (i'm not sure why the readers didn't like the result of this recipie but mine came out alright - i have ppl to testify, maybe it's because of the ingredients that are different from Malaysia and USA) it was somehow easy to follow and had practically all the ingredients. so i tried it and there you go! lovely cupcakes!!
this round was perfect! the cake texture was just right, not so hard, not so soft, the papercups stuck with the cake! and this time i did my royal icing and came out lovely! just need to improve in my designs!!
one of my friend, Marlina Sara joined me in my mum's kitchen one day to make cupcakes. she wanted to learn from me on how to ice! omg! me??? teach?? hahahah... but it was all good, we had some good laughs and fun time mixing the batter and making the icing and decorating. the mistake i made was that i used a new recipie for butter cream icing and well, i wasn't too sure if it did turn out correct or not. i should have stuck to royal icing. anyway, i did teach her the basics of icing, like how to hold the bag, how to squeeze the bag and basic designs. she's a fast learner and i'm glad we did come out with some funny designs! hahahah we even forgot to take pics of our final products!!
i've been wanting and excited to make somemore but my working shift is back to normal ppls shift - mon-fri/ 9am- 6.30pm. so, i don't have muct time to do it... :( hope i can get back to my actual shift and start mass producing cupcakes again!!!

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