Friday, September 14, 2007


hahahah i know u all think i got inked! hahha... i would - SOMEDAY.. but nah.. i didn't when i spoke about Tattoo....
Tattoo : performance of military band music and cultural acts from across the world
(ref: from HERE)

my colleague's dad is in the organisation and she got most of us at work to go - free tickets! hahaha... i've been wanting to see what's this all about but was sceptical to go.. but since i had free tickets and friends to go with, why not?! right? hheheh... so we went, we went on Saturday and that was the day the King came, so we assumed that the performances will "better" hehehe...
so since it's held in Stadium Merdeka, i decided to park my car at Sentul Lrt Station and take the train to Hang Tuah so that i won't get stuck in the jam and wouldn't want to be stuck finding for parking too!
anyway, some of my friends were already there at about 5pm, only me and Dev, another colleague came later... damn, it was so packed when i reached at 8.30pm! i didn't know it was a big thing? didn't think that ppl would be interested either! hahahha
the show started about 8.30 and ended about 11pm or so.... it was a good experience - new... wished we were at better seats though... we were actually sitting behind the performance! hahahah...
thanks Farah for the tickets!!!

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