Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chicago Rib House - Auto City, Juru (Part I)

* DISCLAIMER : "kitchen manager" with the " marks never meant that she is/was the kitchen manager (or even in the management in charge of the business)... it just meant she somewhat manages the kitchen = works in the kitchen
Chicago Rib House (sister to Tony Roma's and Manhattan Fish Market) is where the good ribs are in AutoCity Juru at this moment... and it has BOTH pork ribs and beef ribs.... i think this is the first on the mainland.. there is a few in Penang island but this is the good shit on the mainland...

what's so special about this place is that my mum is working there, she's the "kitchen manager" (pls refer to the disclaimer) where she's in charge of all the sauces, marinating, preparation of the food and just makes sure that everything is in order in the kitchen - but she doesn't cook the main meals.... salads and deserts.. yea she does that.. hehehe... if u eat there and asks for the Chef, don't expect her to appear.... heheh ... and soo.... as there's witnesses, it's one of the good restaurants - same level as Chillies and TGIF... BUT this has a greater advantage as this has pork! (and of course alco)...hehehhe... (gosh.. i sound like a drunkard!)

and so... today, for a lunch treat, Jess, Brian and moi went to try the ribs.. it was our first time here and wanted to test the food for ourselves.. i know mum told me it's good.. but still.. u HAVE to try it yourself to judge...

so we went.. the place was quite empty eventhough it was lunch time... but i guess business picks up during dinner.... ppl there was all nice and smilling as i think they knew i was "mama's" daughter... yes, the staff there calls my mum "mama" as she's the oldest there and acts like a mother to all of them... hehehe... i'm not too sure if we got that special "smiley" treatment because i'm her daughter or... it's just the way they are... so what Jess and Brian will do next time, is to go again without me and see if there's any difference... heheheh

mum suggested SOOO many things to try.. but there were only 3 of us and couldn't really try all right... so in the end, we got a combo (port ribs and chicken), ceaser salad with chicken and potato skin... last minute order was Asian Salad (mum insisted to order - cause she made it!)... while waiting for Jess and Brian, i started off a Chocolate Martini.. hehehe... first thing i had for the day.... (damn, i should just stop drinking!!!!)

since i titled this post as in Part I is bcause, i'll be going there again for dinner again with dad and 2 aunts - family cum bday makan.... so, more pics later...

here's what we had for lunch (though the Asian Salad was missing, we were too into it that i forgot to take a pic! so-called-food blogger it seems! hahahha fail man!)

combo - pork ribs and bbq chicken with coleslaw and baked potato

potato skin

chocolate martini and ceaser salad with chicken

more updates to come peeps!! and .... eheheh stop drooling! :P

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New Kid on the Blog said...

Thks for sharing... been wanting to go... Not sure the price is it reasonable.