Friday, September 14, 2007

Ajisen Ramen - Gurney Plaza

this was a treat from rosie pig and trevor which was interesting as we didn't really have our normal pigging out on our favs but rosie introduced me to Korean food... hmm... i for one, would not actually go in this type of restaurant to eat but, she gave me a clearer view on what's this about....

pai kut noodles

something spicy noodles

this place is located on the ground floor of Gurney Plaza, next door to McD. other than noodles, this place has sushi as well and appetizers... trevor had salmon sushi, and we all shared octopus, a kind of wantan and lovely toufu dish and my fav teppanyaki chicken.. hehehe

thanks guys for the treat.. sorry it was a last minute decision of me coming down to pg... but it was good to see u again! muacks!!

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