Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tao - Auto City, Juru

Tao is a unique restaurant, it's half half of Japanese and Chinese... the first time i ate in a Tao, was the one in e-gate, Penang - my farewell dinner to KL with the Dugongs..

i remembered at that time that i loved the buttered fish... i was telling my mum that few days ago i was just craving for that fish, and now, sunday lunch, i'm gonna have it! hahahah..

buttered fish

so, this place is different, because it was a buffet... for RM45++ u can order WHATEVER u want in the menu, together with the salad and sushi bar for your disposal!!!... come to think of it, it's actually worth it because every dish on the menu is about RM7 and above, the good ones can go up from RM12 to 22 or so.... with eaters like my parents and i, RM45++ is a good deal!

mum and dad didn't know what this place was all about, luckily (thanks to the Dugongs) i knew what was happening... so i ordered for them, though i had to ask the waitress in plain english and not the actual names in the menu (i have NO idea what the dishes are in the menu! hahha)

lamb chp (top), beef strips with taugeh

teppanyaki chicken kebab

in the end, we were puffed up with food - again and sadly, this would be the last, cause after that i went back to KL

so, this restaurant is on the 1st floor, just above Nando's. it's actually very spacious as it accomodates live bands and outdoor seating for drinks at night. the restaurant itself is very cosy and unique, half the place had "water" at you feet and u had to walk on "stone bridges" to cross over to the other sides... it was fun! hahaha.. but you have to becareful, u may just slip and fall into the water... view is not that wonderful, u'll just see the next building and flats...

i would come back again but not so soon though... it's something where u can indulge but not tooo much, u'll become jelak of it...

i recommend ppl who like sushi to go but if u don't know japanese names for food, i suggest to go with someone who has been to Tao - to order for u... heheheh


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