Saturday, September 15, 2007

bday celebrations... Part I

it all started with breakfast with sharon, then nap... then dinner, window shopping and Starbucks with RosiePig and Trevor... and a thani session with Ben at Equatorial and continued thani session at his place...




then friday....lunch with jess and brian for ribs.... a very long nap till i forgot i had to go to the EPF office to get my statement! sigh.... and for supper (because the party started at 10pm or so) potluck with franklin, sharon, beechoo, chingchiew and thana...
jess & brian



sharon & beechoo

babes with chingchiew

last night was filled with food and drinks! hhahaha.. lets see... food, we had dominos pizza, my entre, homemore sandwiches (bread was homemade as well), cake, jelly... and as for drinks, cocktail, JW and abit of wine....
sharon and her lil wine

my entre...

someone decided to try JW (on the rocks) with jelly...
in the end, had to take out the jelly... haha
drinks for the night

lots of talking, laughter, bantering, kutuking and Facebook talk (are we sad or what? heheheh)... gosh u ppl, just makes it so much harder to go back to KL.... :(

and now, today, on the day itself, i'm alone at home... online since 12pm....and will be having a nap again... gosh do i just LOVE having naps!!! hahaha... naps at home is wonderful, my own bed and most important - QUIET (gosh, i had so many naps! hahaha)

in the evening, going to mass, then RIBS again with parents and an aussie cousin (dad's cousin - Chrstine) and an aunty....

sadly... tomorrow..... got to go back to KL... and bday parties are over..... sien!

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