Wednesday, August 13, 2008

T-Cafe @ Tanah Rata

have been eye-ing this place of its scones ever since i came across reviews on this place on the net... with the sudden of craving of scones AND had the time... i dragged TC to go to cameron highlands with me....
we sort of left late and by the time we reached, it was about 5pm... nothing much we could do, but just eat scones and "window shopping" in the car..
T-Cafe is located at Tanah Rata, it's above MaryBrown's fast food.... there are signboards but if u dun look out for it, u may miss it.... just head towards Tanah Rata, lookout for Marybrown and u'll sure to find T-cafe

at the ground floor at the entrance of the stairs, there's this big ass signboard of the menu of the cafe.... and it got me drooling just reading on what they offered! walking up the narrow wooden stairs, u'll see another signboard welcoming u...

reaching the top, you would think that u were in your grandmother's living room, where u have all these olden days paintings, antics, old books, board games placed around the dining area.. the tables and chairs are the old type too! sort of puts a cosy feeling in the cafe.... with the weather which was abit chilly, that really complements the cafe... i like!

beef lasagne

since my lasagne portion was quite small, i ordered a tom yam dish to warm myself
after filling our stomachs, we had to make space for the scones, cause THAT's the reason of our trip what! hahahah..... so i ordered... the price was RM2.50 per scone... i thought that the scone was a normal medium scone, but when it came to the table... whoah mama!!! that's a huge scone!!! since there were two types, i ordered 2 each for the both of us.... yummmmm....
fruit scone - it's actually strawberry
plain scones - they also served it with home made strawberry jam..
apple pie
part of the menu
my rate for this place? 8/10 love this place, will want to come here as this place is very cosy, chilly, great place to hang out, be at peace to read a book, go online, play some chess with your loved one, enjoy the tea made from the area and lovely SCONES!!! i'm sure to go there again!, who's with me???


darshikie said...

I wan to go!!! Bring me!!!! I'm going to Penang end of nxt mth!!! Will give u a call. U better bring me!!! I know that "TC" hohohoho.. can see reflection leh~~~

Shimmers said...

u pay for everything ah.. petrol/toll/scones.. can?