Saturday, August 30, 2008

meet up with MyviClub Penang members

i had gone for one TT in WangsaMaju in KL... but somehow i didn't really have time on Fri nites to meet them after that...

now that i'm back in penang... i just thought to myself that i should give MyviC Penang a try... and i had no regrets... all crazy ppl, talk cock punya ppl... nice group... though this session that i went, there was a big crowd, nearly 25-30 ppl (couldn't really say cause ppl come and go the whole night) i managed to get to know some of the main ppl, mainly the moderators and the active members...
here's some pics taken by our "photographer" Isfendy... (Is-the-Fendy... hahahah *inside joke!)

my Whitey!

waiting for the others to come - drizzling abit (opp E-gate)

we're located on the right where the cars are lined up

we met at the opposite side of E-gate... supposedly to leave to our TT makan place at 9.30 but only by 10+pm only we left... there was about 10+ cars convoy to the makan place... where the makan place? it was Ikan bakar at the Police Marine place just down the road from E-gate. i've seen this place every single day i go to work but i haven't eaten there before... so, this was my first time eating there and boy, my only regret was not trying this place earlier!!! it was lovely! fishes was fresh, cooked well.... yum.. will definately go there again...

my Whitey behind the sesat Satria

(found out that the owner of the Satria are good friends with the members)

our moderator -Bella (on my right)

at first there was lots of left overs cause the guys ordered abit too much... but towards the end of the dinner, few more members came over, and they ate all the left overs... so no food is wasted!

after that, there was a debate on where to go after makan... in the end, it was suggested to go to Gurney 3... had NO IDEA on where that was... so, just follow la.... see see it's by the sea along the Jelutong Expressway... it's like a park-type place where u can hang out, chat, sight see... it was quite nice, there were new 3-story hses there... not fully occupied, though some members say they own those units just no time to move in.... KONON-nya la... LOL hahahahah... there were alot of couples dating there... but we were the noisy ones!! there was a few police cars doing their rounds, was quite nervous bout that, but i guess it's ok, we're just hanging out, hses are empty so that's fine, and the cops didn't stop too... so all's good!

Whitey in the middle

one person TT?? hahaha nah!

what's left of the TT session this time - 2+am the rest all went home

all ended well about 2+ am !!!! ahahah... it was a long nite but i had fun with these guys... anyway they're gonna come over to BM to the 99 shop this sunday (merdeka day)... but not sure if i can meet them cause i have plans...

nice meeting u guys!! i had fun!

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