Sunday, August 03, 2008

food @ Pangkor Laut Resort

as promised here's the food pics taken in PLR... hehehe... beware of drooling from your mouth! :P
Lunch #1 - Emerald Bay

2 pics above were appetizers : top - pita bread with lamb and satay / bottom pic - mixed platter

chicken rice

spicy fish

wantan noodles

fried rice with chicken

mamak mee goreng

mango pulut

some coffee/chocolate/ berry mousse

with that we were really full.... before we got hungry again, it was dinner time! LOL

Dinner #1 - Uncle Lim's

loh bak


duck - YUMMY!

soft shell crab

fish - yummy too!

sweet sour chicken

another type of chicken

kang kung belacan

(didn't managed to get a pic of the assam prawns - was too good, everyone dug into it and finished it! hahhaha it was lovely!)

mango pudding

honey dew sago

after dinner, supper was ordered but unfortunately the room service was cold and a pasta dish was spoilt / bad/ basi.... anyway, we were too full to even eat it even if it was warm

and of course, Breakfast #1

roti jala and some cheese and yogurt and fruit juice

toast and beef bacon and eggs and danish and roasted potatoes

pancake with chocolate and honey

with the lovely breakfast, we went for the jungle walk and even that didn't make us hungry for lunch, so we had a late lunch

here is Lunch #2 at Emerald Bay - again hehehe

appetizers again...


mixed platter - had to take about 4 bites to finish that big ass prawn!

burger as an appetizer!

now the mains... prawn noodles

spicy fish

chicken chop

fruit crumble

because of the late lunch, we tried to wear it off at the beach, but even by dinner we were not THAT hungry, but anyway, here's Dinner #2 (same place as we had the breakfasts)

tom yam

not too sure what Dave ordered for appetizer

seafood and veg tempura

grand cru wine!

pasta where after a while we found an insect in it! sigh

fried rice - i think

lamb shank

mixed seafood kebab



mango sorbet! (we were too full for desert - anyway they only had ice-cream, no fancy deserts, quite sad actually)

this time we had no supper, didn't want to risk another bad dish, so we settled down and were ready for Breakfast #2

nasi lemak and ostrich sausage and breakfast pie

malay fried mee and fruit juice

fruit cocktail in a jar

gosh, this is my first trip where eating was overwhelming! hahaha.. it's usually too much sand, sea and sun and sleeping but this one, too much good food! it was WONDERFUL!!

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