Monday, August 11, 2008

Night Safari @ Taiping Zoo

it was another spontaneous road trip, ever since the Taiping Zoo started this night safari thingy, i haven't gone for it.. so since, i had the company, was "in the neighbourhood", we decided to go... surprisingly, there were alot of ppl and the night safari only closes at 2AM!!!! can u believe that? it's like, if u're bored late at night, don't want to stay home... hahaha.. hang out with the animals in the zoo!!

got tickets to get IN the zoo and had to get someone tickets for the "train" ride... unless u want to walk around the zoo in the middle of the night, u can.. but, would u?? hahahah

the train

signboards shows you what's where

think they were wild boars or hippos or something else... (behind the gate)

an area where u can rest, sit on benches, playground for the kids... it's brighter than the pic

supposedly night shot of the zoo - lousy camera, moving train

huge croc - in the water, between the bars




big ass ostrich!

lots of kancils, deers...

trying to feed the arab! lol


monkey behind bars? LOL

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