Tuesday, August 19, 2008

super swimmer!

edited : ok ok la... spelling mistake, it's SUPER swimmer and not supper... sorry *rolls eyes* hahaha
edited #2 : i'm such an ass, i totally forgot about my dear cher! my cousin, she too was an athlete, volleyball wei!! she's the tall one in the family and she deserves to be in the volleyball team, she too started young, in school :D so there you go, 3 sporty ppl!! and all are girls :P what happened la to the men in the family? hahahah
there's two athletes in my family... and these two - mother and daughter! mother was a runner, ran for Penang, Malaysia.... and now her lovely daughter Kelly, swims!!! she swims for the PISA swim team, joins competitions in Dubai and she's only 9!

so when they were down, Kedah had a swim meet and invited the PISA swim team, and Kelly was invited too!! that meant a short "road-trip" to Alor Setar!!! all the ladies went to support Kelly, there was cher, anna, of course lynn and max, then i came later cause i had work... shen was nice enough to entertain max, anna and cher to the Paddy Museum which is next to the pool while Kelly competed the whole day!

so what did Kelly win? i think it was 2 gold, one silver and 3 bronze? (am not too sure, i can be forgetful at times) and that day was the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing!!! ahahha so the mood of games and competition was high, we made as if Kelly was swimming in the Olympics!! LOL

CONGRATULATIONS sweety!! you did well!! KELLY BOLEH!!

sight-seeing abit in Alor Setar


Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona, don’t forget Cheryl. She also play for Penang Team under Volley Ball.


Shimmers said...

oh yea.. sorry..

eh.. but i thought it was inter-school

hahah... my bad my bad