Sunday, August 03, 2008

sun sand sea

my cousins from dubai is back and we went to Pangkor Laut Resort for a short holiday! yeay! been hearing alot bout this PLR place but it's kinda $$ to go...

anyway, plans were made few months back and finally the day has arrived. i arrived the night before and stayed at a local budget hotel at Lumut for the night. then at 11am, i met the gang at the PLR office. there we were given refreshments while they check in our bags and while waiting for the boat to arrive.

our boat was ready and we were told to head towards the jetty to board the boat. the kids were excited and so were we!! even had the chance to take a pic of the rombongan! lol
when we got in the boat, we were asked to check for our lugages just incase they did not miss anything out. then we got our seats. the air con in the cabin was not that strong, gave a sense of stagnant air... not so good for those who gets travel sickness, half of us had to stand under the air con to get some "moving" air... it felt to me that the boat was moving very slowly, not too sure if it's to let us (the guests) enjoy the scenery ... or, the boat was ACTUALLY slow... hahah

finally reached PLR and the place is beautiful! the sun was great too! couldn't wait to get into my swimmies and test out the waters! but when we arrived, our *rooms were not ready, so we headed for lunch first...

* rooms not ready? hmm... we were given to use the day room till our actual rooms were ready, but we all think it's because we arrived earlier at 12pm and actual check in was at 2pm... so they didn't actually wanted us to check in earlier, so they gave us "excuses" to have lunch first or use the day room first...

lunch was at Emerald bay.. and there is a reason why they called it Emerald bay, cause the sea is emerald!! lovely sight.. u HAVE to be there to see it.... my pics are not that good, i'm still waiting for my cousins pics which they took on their SLR cameras...

lunch at Emerald Bay

after lunch, our rooms were ready and boy it was lovely, very comfortable too... had a private outdoor tub, walk in wardrobe, equipt toiletries... nice!

once we got settled in, we got changed and headed back to Emerald bay for swimming, sadly by the time we were there, there sun went to hiding, and it was quite cloudy, which means, i didn't really bakar... hoping the next day will be a better day for bakaring... heheheh
my complusory can-see-feet-water picture! wanted to take another pic deeper in the sea but the sea was quite rough and camera was starting to get wet... so, this pic was at the shore... good enough isn't it! much better than penang waters! LOL

relaxing at the balcony, all lazy to get ready for dinner.. hahahah

after swimming the first day, we had dinner at Uncle Lim's, its a fine dining place, so had to dress up abit. here's a pic of me and kelly cam whoring and waiting for the rest to be ready too... :D dun worry guys, will write another post on the food in PLR...

at Uncle Lim's, food was lovely!

after dinner, we went walking about the resort, taking pics, enjoying the nite, breeze and just relaxing... that's what holiday is about isn't it? heheheh

the next day came and we had the breakfast, lovely!! though we had a small bad encounter with the supper we ordered the night before - the cream pasta was bad/basi.....

after breakfast, we joined the jungle walk organised by the resort with some other guests as well, very informative and interesting! luckily it wasn't too hot and there were some clouds so, the walk was enjoyable...

because of the heavy breakfast, we had a very late lunch, after the walk, we went to the pool, swam abit, burned abit then headed to emerald bay for lunch! lovely lunch again! somehow this holiday felt like a eating holiday! non-stop!! hahahaha.. after lunch we just stayed at emerald bay and swam, and burned and swam... we also stayed back for the sun set, says it's beautiful here and it was beautiful! u have to be there to see it!

the lovely sunset

dinner didn't really go so well, first we had a waiter talking to us about "cheap" wine being serve/sold at the resort... had to give him a piece of our mind on his choice of words was not appropriate for a high class resort like that.. i mean, u pay thousands of dollars to have a great holiday at a lovely resort like this and you get a waiter telling u that they have "cheap" wine?

then later through dinner, max found some sort of a cockroach leg (or was is a wasp) in his pasta!!! wtf!! first it was basi pasta the night before, then waiter telling u about cheap wine and now insects in food? my my... u can imagine the bombarding dev gave to the management of PLR.... sigh... it's quite dissapointing actually...

just imagine Mandarin Oriental KLCC having insects in food, or Le Meridian, or Hilton, or Shangri-La!!! it's unacceptable man!!

some insect in the pasta

group pic infront of our villa

the last few pics of the are before we leave

waiting for the boat to bring us back to Lumut

had to go home, can't be on holiday too long, $$ will finish! LOL... it was a good holiday, timing was good as at that moment i really needed a break, things was getting too stressful for me.

i would like to give my sincere thanks to lynn and dave for inviting me for this trip. i really appreciate it and i did enjoy it. thank you so much. it was a very memorable trip! :D

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