Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tawakal Hospital

the clinic i go to, the doc there can't seem to cure my bad cough for the past 3 weeks... and in the end he had to refer me to a specialist... i was like.. FINALLY... so the paper work was done, co. insurance could cover the trip... so there i went the next day... friday..
was kinda nervous... what if i had some disease... what if i'm gonna die.... fortunately i managed to find my way there, kinda easy actually... then as u all know, in hospitals, u gotta wait...
wait #1 - confirming the referral letter from the panel clinic
wait #2 - waiting for the doc, seems he was on his rounds in the hospital
then managed to see the doc, did some examination - got bronchitis and sinus.... was given a choice to continue with med and go on my daily life and suffer... OR get admitted to get it done and over with..... decided to get admitted... somehow i broke down and cried.. i then messaged my parents, boss and some friends... and to those who called (including my boss) - i cried on the phone! LOL!! why? have no idea.. i guess it's my first time getting admitted and it was scary for me... and also, i was alone.. wished someone was there with me... but, it was ok.. just needed to gather myself and be brave...
wait #3 - waiting to get x-rayed
wait #4 - waiting for confirmation that x-rays done was ok

this is opposite the hospital - The Eye of Malaysia...
i've been wanting to get on that but somehow couldn't find the company and time to go... it's best to go at night and see the whole of KL at night...

wait #5 - brought to my bed, waiting for doc and physiotherapist
got my blood taken for tests, doc came to check on me, physio was done... only then i could go back home to take my clothes and stuff.... was damn tired.... and by then i got a "tag" on my wrist
no one came to visit the first night, it was ok, i was damn tired and i slept most of the time...
next day... bloody hell! 6am they woke me up to take my pressure and temperature! then at 7.30am or so... woke me up to change sheets! sigh.... i just wanted to sleep again but then after 30 mins... breakfast came.... sigh...

the menu for the day... YES, i can choose!! it changes everyday

here are my breakfasts that i had during the days i was admitted....

half-boiled egg

scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs but this time with soya bean milk

then here were my lunches and dinners.. yes, i could still choose, from malay food, to chinese to english... deserts were either fruit or pudding/jelly... drinks were either chinese tea or orange

chic kurma

tou cheong fish with mixed veg
ayam masak merah
tandoori chic
was in a 4 bedded room at first but that place was extremly small, so i opt for a double bedded room.. had to be on a waiting list but finally on sat i was moved... so much more space and comfort... most of the time i was alone as the bed next to me just stayed the night... so that was good
my blanket
my dad took the bus on fri afternoon when he found out that i was admitted and reached fri night... he stayed at a budget hotel nearby where he could walk to and fro the hosp... i was glad that he came, mum couldn't come cause grandad was admitted too - water in the lungs, foot swelling
then on sat, my colleagues - andrew, raymond and damon came... so nice of them, they brought me some koey teow and junk food! hahahah.... was hoping for some flowers.. but that didn't happen! hahahahha.... it's ok guys! dun fret!
also my good friend - aaron and his fiance - cassandra came to visit... first time meeting his fiance (what a place to meet! hahahah), when they came, time flew by very fast... which was good...
and on sun, aaron and cassandra came again and brought my munchies and magazines!! ahhh!! at last something to keep me company! and guess what! my boss - eddie and gf came too later on with MORE mags!!! uncle cliffton came too eventhough he was on-call for his job, so nice of him :) the family too came for a short while to pass some clothes, they couldn't stay long cause the boy was sick too... poor thing....
the mags i got - THANKS guys!
everyday what did i do?
1 - woken up at 6am for pressure and temp
2 - woken up again to change sheets then lil while after - breakfast
3 - brush teeth and bathe... then meds / doc visit / physio
4 - watch tv / read mags / naps with radio plugged in my ear
5 - lunch... then meds / pressure/ temp
6 - layan visitors / watch tv / read mags / naps with radio plugged in my ear
7 - dinner .. then meds
8 - watch tv / read mags (...facebook redrawal!! hahaha - thanks jess for facebooking with me through sms!)
9 - pressure / temp ... sleep...

the few minutes before i left on mon

the meds i brought home and have to take - next visit to doc is next fri and on mc till 1st Nov

overall the experience was good, cause i was not in for something serious, i was ok physically just that my throat and cough was the reason for staying in the hospital... nurses was nice, friendly yet not friendly, doc's visit was quick and thorough... no waste time.... physio was cool! like i got massage everyday - but it made me cough out my phlegm, so that was good... and being in a double-bedded room just made the whole experience better....

*note - never ever stay in a 4 bedded room....

so once again, i thank all of you who came to visit and to all those sms'es and phone calls that kept me company.. really appreciate it, THANK YOU!

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