Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the city

it is true that when u come to the city from a small town (not to say Penang is a small town ahaks!!) there's so much going on and u never know what is happening just under your nose.. u tend to assume things and that things are like it is back home...
what's hard is that rumours or facts have shown that ppl who go to the city will change.. i think i'm still who i am when i was at home (though i do more cooking and washing up here! hahah)... but i guess i have to depend on my good friends at home to say....
i've been here about 10 months and it's been overwhelming.. though i had my loneliness cause i wasn't out.. was home most of the time... but when i do go out and be with kl ppl, u do get to see what's it like being in KL..
everyone is so different and yet we all can still hang together - good example is my work place... there was one time half the team was out for a movie and starbucks after that and i was just looking around and thought that everysingle person in the group is totally different, different race, religion, background, upbringing.... it's like... yeah overwhelming! LOL and yet, we all could get along together... and sometime i wonder, how could this happen! hahahha... i guess it's gods work but then again, it's the chemestry with each other... i feel comfortable when at work - which i'm glad cause i wouldn't know what i'll do if the place i work in was all so stressed and... boring... hahahah
then when u go online, it's a whole new thing... esp when u're a blogger and u read celeb blogs and u get to know bloggers u just adore and religiously follow... and to think that u're in the same city as them, u just secretly hope u'll meet them.... fortunately... i'm working with TWO! hahahah.... sweet!!!
a n d.... u get hooked up in some stupid online group thingy where u ACTUALLY went to meet the other addicts face-to-face..... which leads u to meet other bloggers and meet another set of different ppl all together.... which is again.. IS overwhelming! hahahahah
and because of this online thingy... u get to meet a good friend, mind you... a NEW good friend where the friendship/relationship started off innocently, weirdly and confusing.... just imagine, the first day you meet, u're just so comfortable that u can just talk about anything and not just the "where u working", "what u like to do", "what is your fav movie" bit (though we DID go through that) but u could comfortably talk about personal stuff, stuff that u normally would think twice in telling a casual friend and also stuff u only tell your best friend....
but at the end of the day (whatever confusing and weirdly state we are in), we both know that we click and will be good friends whatever happens... and u've no idea or i've no idea that i could have a good friend from such a different background!!
now the next part of me being here in the city, is that i got to find a room, i got to move out - no dateline yet but i guess its soon.... so, anyone wants to rent me a room (preferrably near a train station?)

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