Sunday, October 21, 2007

being a FABS-ter

ok so i'm home today... yesterday was a long but eventful day... quite unplanned... heheheh (i'm trying i'm trying)

first, it was raining, thunder storm somemore... was thinking twice in going... but what the heck.. if i don't get out of the house now, i won't the whole day... so i went despite having my feet wet from walking from the apartment to the car...

i managed to reach The Attic for FABS meeting... when i got there, only one member was there and Kyan (the organiser) was just setting up the power plugs for our laptop... (i kept telling myself that this isn't Meet, Mingle and Match - so don't act like u're single and finding someone)... then slowly one by one started coming... some didn't know had to bring laptop, some had their pda and some was late...

it was very interesting, did a survey where most of them loved the scrabble application... hmm.. i don't have that though... but then again, i'm not too good in words, my vocab is quite limited... (sad to say i know...)

the wireless connection was quite bad until someone had "withdrawal" symptoms... hahhaha that Lorraine! but eventually everyone managed to find each other and added.. we decided to do the rest at home when the connections were better.... found out most of us has joined or created lots of groups and are quite active... and there was talk about poking and what that does to us... and also.. hahahah how addicted we are to facebook... hahahah
maria (left) and lorraine (right) - lorraine after getting back her connection, "poking" maria!

oh.. and as for me.. i met KimberlyCun !! i was surprised when i heard her name being called when she came in... heheheh... she's so sweet and down to earth... hope in future i can meet more famous bloggers.... looking forward to meeting lainie and joyce... :) or and kenny sia if possible! hahahah that guy!

moi and KimberlyCun!

so... after 3 hrs, we had to leave cause The Attic had a private function to prepare for....

organiser of FABS - Kyan

the FABS-ters lappies!

wah.. serious-nye

the FABS-ters!

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Kimberlycun said...


so fun we should do this again soon! it was great meeting you! cheers