Tuesday, October 02, 2007

yeap, it was her wedding!

i went back home for the weekend for her wedding... i was excited yet nervous... nervous why? i dunno.. hahaha.. maybe because of meeting old friends? but i knew who was coming.. so that was good...
the dinner was at a teow chu restaurant in Chai Leng park... and the card did say 7.30pm sharp... but then again, u know la, malaysian time... hahahaha..
when i reached, she was standing outside all beautiful and pretty! (of course! it's HER day.. she should look wonderful!) and our girls were there, yoke phui and ai gaik.... the last time i saw those two was at mei cheng's wedding! hahahah
then there was the guys... an old friend whom i followed back from kl... and another old friend... kenny... same gang long long time ago... the dancing-st.anne's-5.30pm-sunday-evening gang! hahaha... it was soo good to see them again...
when we went in, there were some Info fellas... gosh, they look so different, couldn't recognize them at first!.. hahaah.... and of course, our mr dugong was a lil bit late... heheheh... surprisingly, after soo long we all didn't meet each other, we could straight away click like we never lost touch and not 7 years ago! hahahahah

our table and lil something something from her to us

from left - kenny, lenny and ai gaik

here comes the bride... all dress in...err... green.... hehehe

(u look wonderful babe!)

mr ben dugong and moi

everyone at our table! all full with food :P

i was talking to her and i realised that at that table, i lived 4 lives!!! one would be being a dugong, then an Info student, then i hung out with the dancing gang at 5.30pm at st.anne's every sunday evening, then my schoolmates in CBM... and all of them, don't exactly mix! hahahah... except i met the dugong and Info ppl AT Info ler... but then again... it just sprang to me that - i was in totally different types of groups and i love everyone of them! they made my life meaningful and i'm grateful for that...

so it was a good nite for me and i'm sure for her, seeing all her good friends coming together as one to celebrate her union

too bad i can't make it for the tea ceremony this thursday.... but i really do hope it turns out well and smoothly... (u know, i haven't actually been to a tea-ceremony before.. hmmm it would be interesting! maybe when i get married, i'll have one - cause, i AM half chinese - how i found out, that's another story)

to my babe! CONGRATULATIONS again and dun be afraid to use the crystals ya.. it's MEANT to be used! heheheh

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