Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Penang Village @ TTDI

i've been here once, with Godma one sunday after mass... we were craving for penang food, so we went there to satisfy our cravings...

and after a few months... my cravings came back and this time i went to mass with a colleague... i suggested Penang Village and she was up for it! so chun!! we went there!!

my gosh... i could just smell the laksa a mile a way... (church was just at the other end of the block... easy.. no need to go through traffic and such)

so... we went there, and i already knew what i wanted to order - Laksa... and had a soya cincau drink... in penang, it's tou chui with leng kong... and for appetizer.. we had a combination one... which actually came when we were in the middle of our meal - so dissapointing.... my colleague had penang curry mee but with koay teow instead...

over all... lovely.. i felt my tummy was VERY satisfied and I was satisfied too.. and happy... a good meal never fails me in cheering me up! :D

(bad point here is that the air-con was not cold enough.....)

soya cincau / tou chui leng kong
combination platter : lohbak, pandan chicken, mango kerabu and fish satay - YUMMY!
curry mee (but its koay teow) - look at the size of the prawns!

my LAKSA!!!

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