Wednesday, October 03, 2007

stomach exercise?

i've found a new way to work your stomach.... by having a REALLY really BAD cough... as u all know (or not).. i've been having this really bad cough since last week when i went back home... it's still bad.. went to two docs.. nothing much changed... though the sec one gave me antibiotics cause my tonsils are swollen... as usual...
so anyway, i've been coughing like a sick dog for the past few days, and all i can say, i think i'm building up stomach muscles!! (hahahah.. yea right!) .. why i say that? cause my stomach muscle hurts... it feels like i just did a damn hard tummy work out.... and i'm also tired from coughing sooo much...
am on mc today... but i don't think i can still take calls tomorrow... sigh... but because i'm a "loyal employee", i'm going to work tomorrow.... :(
please GO AWAY cough!!!

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