Friday, October 05, 2007

KofiHaven at AutoCity, Juru

before my mum got the job at Chicago Rib House, she tried apply for a job here in KofiHaven (also in AutoCity, Juru) so she knew the boss and what type of food they were offering.. anyway, i don't know why but mum wanted me to try this place for so long.... so i thought, ok la.. lets see what's so nice about this place...

menu was ok, had variety of local and western steak, sandwiches and pasta... didn't really know what to order, luckily they had a set dinner... so, ok la.. since the owner recommended it.. i went for the seafood platter...
funny the set dinner had no drinks, so we had to order extra drinks to go with it... i had my chocolate milkshake... it was so so.... quite watery actually.. more of choc milk than the ice or the ice-cream... and i think mum's ice-lemon-tea was... "instant"... (which is not surprising cause MOST of the restaurants out there do the same thing)

the soup that came with the set dinner was asparagus soup.. which... neither my mum and i take.. so we requested if the chef could cook up something other than that for us.... in the end, mum had the normal mushroom soup, and i had tom was so so as well, quite spicy though...

my seafood platter - muscles, prawns and squid

mum's mexican beef tortillas (i think that's what it's called)
the ever so famous desert - brownie and ice-cream

(thought it was more of choc cake than it was a brownie)

what i can say that's nice here is the atmosphere.. cosy, quiet, comfy (they had sofa sets) and the outdoor area was very "woody"... lots of plants, fountain, rocks.... nice place for a drink, chat with old friends... just to hang out... well that's what i did with my mum there ;)

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