Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Round Inn Restaurant @ Sabah, Malaysia

Round Inn Restaurant is located just opposite the Poring Hot Springs in Ranau, Kota Kinabalu. not sure why it's called Round, maybe the entrance/door is round and there are lots of circle motifs heheheh... it's an Inn too cause above the restaurant, is a motel/inn where ppl can get a room for an affordable price per night. i believe it's popular among backpackers or Mt.K hikers, i don't know, i'm simply assuming... hahaha

the food here is actually nice, chinese choo char style, they do have malay food and western food. it's Halal by the way, so don't hope for Pork Chops or sweet sour pork or something. the restaurant is quite old (or so i think the building is) as when you enter you will smell a hint of musk or stale smell. i guess it's because the kitchen has not much of ventilation.

so what did we have, lets see if i can remember. mixed veg, lemon chick (which was so so only), prawn dish, and rendang... the prawn dish and rendang was quite lovely, we ordered 2nd round! lol. this time we had lunch together with our tour guide, Jude, which was nice cause we got to know more about him as a local in Sabah... very interesting :)

the rendang deserves its own pic! YUM MEE i tell u!! the meat was soft, didn't have to chew too much, it was not that spicy yet it was just spicy enough, lovely!

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