Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Place @ Api Api Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

it's weird that my first meal in Kota Kinabalu (KK) was NOT Sabahan food but Filipino food! LOL! but then again, there's a HUGE population of Filipinos here in KK so it's not surprising that where ever you go, u'd meet/see Filipinos.
Api Api Centre is a block or two of shop lots filled with restaurants, clinics, 24hr shops and etc, and it's just NEXT to Centre Point shopping mall and behind Marina Courts (where we stayed). The Place (the restaurant) was one of the restaurants that was still open at around 1+am and the gang was sooo hungry from the trip EVEN though we had dinner before leaving Penang. and this place really satisfied our tummies... food was good!!

yea.... if you can't stand blinking, dim and colourful lights, u may not like it in here, but we did!! it was soooo colourful!! and the whole place was filled with decorations of whatever they can find!! old posters, old beer bottles, whisky bottles, lenterns, fake plants... packed i tell you! they had a bar, they even had a pool table... very layed back, chill, sort of place... music was good too! feel good music! :D

this is Avocado juice/drink
i don't really fancy avocado but they rest liked it, though it was quite thick and not chilled enough... but it's something we don't get in Penang - Avocado juice!!
oh, and i just HAD to try a beer, wondered if they had "local" beer but i saw San Mig, and thought i'd try that instead, quite smooth and light, something like Anchor..... nice RM9 (excluding tax - seems the tax amount changes day by day)

at first glance, the menu looked like chinese fried rice/noodle and simple western dishes, but if you look properly, it's actually Filipino dishes!! and of course some familiar local dishes...

the fried rice was so so, we still finished it cause we were hungry! lol

but the best was this chilly beef lah!! *speechless* the meat just melts in your mouth, taste is balance with just enough of spicyness, soya sauce/oyster...
i don't know, it was just too wonderful for us, and it goes well with pickled veg AND beer!! yummies!!
we also had other dishes, like koay teow, bee hoon, all fried in a Filipino way, different taste with different ingredients. the staff there were quite friendly. they obviously knew we were not local.. hehehehe... and most of them had tats on their bodies!!! hmm..... :) anyway, i'm not sure the standard of the locals for this place but i thought the food was good. so if you happen to be in the area, do have a try :)


chris_lim said...

wow the place is so sparkly. Food looks good too

Shimmers said...

hahah yea! when we went in, we were like... whoa... stunned, looking around.... so the bling bling kind.. hahahah...

yup all were quite happy with the food... too hungry to take pics of the food unfortunately.. hahah