Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Fish Spa" Kg Luanti Baru, Ranau @ Sabah, Malaysia

have you been to a natural fish spa? in an actual stream? with big a$$ fish nibbling at your feet/legs? if you're in Sabah, head over to Tagal, Sg. Moroli, Kg Luanti Baru in Ranau. that's where you can get RM5 fish spa.

this stream/river is one of the nature reserves in Sabah and it has won many awards for being clean, clear and healthy for the fishes. there are other facilities coming up at the river. the canopy walk is up, we tried it, quite fun, though we didn't have time to actually go across the river. and it was not as high up as canopy walks are usually is. around the area, there's some development going on, new huts/houses are being built and i think it also serves as a place for team building activities.

the stream is very shallow, it's about maybe 1 feet or 2 feet deep. if u don't mind the pebbles and rocks in it, u're free to walk about in the water, but then the fishes will attack you non-stop. hahahah the water is cooling and refreshing and very clear. nice place to have a picnic i'd say but the surroundings are too rocky and well, the main purpose of this place is for the "fish spa". only a group of 10 or so is allowed any one time for about 20 mins or so. (can't remember how long we were there)

now, when u think of fish spa, like in the malls, u'd be imagining fishes like ikan bilis or guppys or maybe alil bit bigger than that.... but who knew, we NEVER expected the size of the fishes here! your heart would skip a beat! it's super huge! (sorry for the shadow in the pic, there was no where i could get a proper pic of my feet and fishes without the shadow, and without having one leg "safe" on the bank without fishes nibbling at it!! - unless i was IN the stream facing the other way - but i couldn't tahan the fishes.....) super huge i tell u! one fish could easily weigh a lil less than a kilo (or maybe more!) and could be someones steam fish dish at a restaurant!!

that pakcik was one of the owners or workers (not sure) at the fish spa stream, he was showing how to feed the fishes with fish food, telling us the do's and don'ts while being there with the fishes. it was interesting and fun thing to do with your friends. u will see sides of your friends you have not seen before! LOL

so yea, the wonders of Sabah can give you! (just be prepared to be on the road for long hrs heheeh)

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