Saturday, May 01, 2010

G Hotel @ Gurney Drive, Penang

G Hotel, that's where the family went to spend the weekend after Easter. dad had gotten 2 nights free and heck we needed a short break :) it was our first time staying (though i have stayed before - briefly with my cousin) here and tried our very best to make use of all the facilities - typical Malaysians, no? hahahha

at check-in, we were greeted with a Welcome Ice-Cream cup! not the usual Welcome drink you would usually get at hotels. what we had was Black Sesame flavour and Blueberry Riples - quite nice actually. we had to wait a bit for our rooms as it said it was still going through some housekeeping.

this is the entrance to their coffee-house/restaurant where the breakfast/lunch/dinner buffets are held. food is so so.. maybe the days we were there had different themes... weekend themes should be nicer - i think.

here's the open lounge just next to the reception/lobby area, good place to be spotted and get picked up! lol (NOT that i was trying.. :P heheh) they had some Mango delight offers, mango cake, mango pudding, mango cheesecake...etc

what's funny about our rooms. the receptionist said that we had 2 double beds (and we thought it was good cause we didn't have to get an extra bed (there were 3 of us)... then when we got to the room we saw this (look at pic above)... now, do you call that DOUBLE bed? if you meant double SINGLE beds, you are correct, but if you call that TWO DOUBLE beds? hello.... what we had was supersize single beds .... have to give it to them, it was quite comfy - so much better than my own bed at home! LOL

the bathroom is normal hotel standard style, simple and nice. quite spacious as well!

cause dad had gotten the stay from his work place, he was asking the hotel to get us sea view room and we got it! we got the view of the ever "beautiful" Gurney Drive and well weather was kinda gloomy, it rained half the day...
pool by night
jasmine flowers around the pool - make it smell nice :)

i know, i kinda took alot of pics of the pool! haha sorry! i just thought it looked unique and nice. though what's wrong with this pool layout is the position with the sun. those who love to sunbathe wouldn't like this pool as most of the time it's covered by the buildings, you would need to fight for certain "spots" around the pool just to get the sun... it would be better if the pool was on Gurney Drive side, no buildings blocking and no apartment owners peeping at you...
they have a fully equipt gym as well! found out that one of my MyviC members work there and he was the one who help set up the gym, not bad not bad... and it seems it is opened to the public (of course you got to pay for membership la) i did about an hour plus in there... why? cause it was raining and there was no sun by the pool.... :P

the place to be for live jazz music is G-Spot, just level up from the lobby, you can hear sweet sounds of jazz... nice place to hang out with some friends, have a beer or two (or cocktails if you fancy) can be quite pricey but what do you expect right? u're in a hotel!

so if you want a quick getaway and yet be close to civilization (mall, restaurants, traffic), G-Hotel is the place to be. i left my car in the basement for nearly 3 days cause i had everything around me :) service is great, rooms are comfy, food well i've yet to try their chinese restaurants though, pool is big and spacious... so nice one G :) thumbs up for you!


Glo-w~* said...

I've stay over there before^^ love the Jap restaurant. so far one of the better one's ive tried with affordable pricing^^

Shimmers said...

ah.. i haven't tried the jap and chinese restaurants in the hotel, must go one day.. heheheh