Friday, May 28, 2010

Kinabalu Park @ Sabah, Malaysia

Kinabalu Park was the last stop of our tour that day. it was a good way to end it too. this "park" was more of a hotel with a lobby, information centre, gift shop and restaurant. AND it was in the highlands so it was cold!! like air-con! nice! we were at hot places during the day and it was sunny whole day so it was nice to end it at a stop that was cooling.
because it was cool, everyones mood was better, toilets were working and clean and had water, hence everyone cleaned up abit and felt refreshed. i believe this is one of the places the hikers of Mt.K stay.

the information centre had posters, banners, even preserved snakes and some animals that it seems can be found on Mt.K. like the pic above, they had boards showing you the life cycle of the fauna and floras available in Sabah. quite informative.

the lobby/restaurant had lovely furniture, a fire place, balcony with lots of hanging potted plants. it made this place very homey and felt like we were in a holiday resort of somesort - wonder how the rooms look like :) and hope the food is good too!

these boards show the hiking trail to the peak of Mt.K, distance, altitude, temperature, do's and don'ts...etc

and of course the customary group picture with our tour guide - Jude. i love this pic! everyone was fresh, happy to be KK and had a lovely time too! thanks Jude for bringing us around!
so i'm not sure if there's more to this place, it was pretty quiet when we were there. no one at the restaurants, didn't really see cars parked there. maybe it's not the peak season, or that the group are halfway up the mountain, or something, i don't know. but if it was easily accesible, i'm sure there will be more ppl visiting that place.

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