Saturday, May 29, 2010

Proboscis Monkey & Firefly, Sg Klias @ Sabah, Malaysia

our 2nd day of tour, was to see (or at least attempt to see) some Proboscis monkeys. they're the ones with big noses and a$$es. it was quite a journey to Sg. Klias, and because we were also to see the fireflies, we left a lil later than usual. when we reached, we were given some tea and refreshments before the boat ride. and on the walls of the jetty, there were posters and pictures of the monkey. i took a pic of one, just in case my camera not powderful to get a good shot of the actual monkey. now, this pic looks like they're huge monkeys right? think again.....

after some light refreshments and toilet breaks, we wore our life jacket and got on our boats. the weather was not too promising, but we were in high hopes. the sunset was lovely too... we were not the only ones on the river, there were many tours hence lots of boats you can see on the river as well.

the boat stopped at spots that had monkeys, but the thing is, other than the specified monkey, there were normal monkeys as well, the tour guide and the boat man knew which was which, but to me all were the same.. lol yea, the proboscis ones are just as small, just have to look harder to identify the orange/brownish colour and the nose.... anyway, during the ride, it started to rain and we were getting wet!!! some of us opt for the cheap raincoat and some of us didn't mind being wet. the nature boat ride was quite nice and refreshing, we were up close and personal with the mangroove swamps, trees and river banks, air was clean too!! lovely..

just before we headed back to the jetty for dinner, the boat man brought us to see some swift birds (that produces the birds nest drinks). they made their nests under a bridge and the locals would get their "nests" to make those healthy (expensive) drinks. it was already after sunset, so it was quite difficult to see the birds....

i know, u were expecting me to upload some pics of the dinner that was given to us? nah, we were too hungry, i wasn't feeling well and the food was not that awesome to begin with. hence no pictures. sorry ya....
so then after dinner, the gang got back on the boat and went for their firefly expedition. i didn't join them as i've seen fireflies before (in Kuala Selangor) and i wasn't feeling too well. luckily our tour guide - Jude kept me company.

this map shows the distance and direction we travelled from KK to Sg Klias... i didn't know we travelled soooo far and we were actually near Labuan!!! hahahha... that shows how bad my geography is! lol
overall, for this nature trip, it's quite worth it if you don't mind the heat, humidity and the rain. also if you don't mind boat rides and later at night, might get mosquito bites. unfortunately i wasn't feeling too well and was uncomfortable, so didn't really enjoy as much as i wanted to. but the trip is all worth it :)

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