Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poring Hot Springs @ Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

Poring Hot Springs in Ranau, Sabah. Poring means bamboo in the local language. this is because there are lots of bamboo trees surrounding the hot springs. other than the hot springs pools, there are lots of other activities that can be done there, there's the canopy walk, bat cave, another waterfall, butterfly farm...etc. the gang just went to the hot springs as we were dead tired after the whole day tour and we were running out of time as well.

after a good lunch at the Round Inn, we went opposite to the hot springs. the short walk and surroundings were lovely, lots of tall big trees, huge bamboo trees, a slightly poluted river, mini bridges... just nature-ish lovely! though it was quite humid and hot... hehehe i know, i'm a spoilt brat.
i was quite amazed with the porings around, just had to get a pic...
now the hot springs are not exactly in natural pools, they have renovated and some how did some piping. as you can see, there are many lil huts with mini pools under it. the pools can fit around 5 ppl or so, depending how how big u are and how comfortable you are. there are taps for hot water and normal water so that you can control the temperature of the water.. some like it hot, some like it cold... hmm.. that sounds like a nursery rhyme right? anyway..... the gang didn't really bring a change of clothes so, we didn't sit in these mini pools... we headed towards the pools to dip our feet/legs in.
these 2 pools are of natural water, guessed this is for the kids or for ppl who cannot tahan hot water, like yours truely :p

here i am in one (out of 3) pools for the feet/legs. i only managed to get my feet THAT deep in just for this pic ok... i couldn't keep it in longer than that, tooo hot for me

this must be the main pool with the hottest water. there were signs about dipping eggs in it and all but there was a sign saying that this pool was closed. i don't know why it was closed - maybe the water was too hot? mr tour guide - jude, was not around to explain hence my assumption :P
so after 30 mins or maybe an hr, we got on our way back home as it was getting dark, and the journey back to town was a few hours away.
to those who love dipping themselves in hot water (not sure if it has healing capabilities) i suggest to allocate at least half a day or a full day at this place, cause there's no point traveling all the way there, just to spend an hr or 2. as i mentioned earlier, there are other things to do there as well. also at the main office/entrance there's an information gallery, restaurants i think and if you're lucky, u can hike nearby to see the rafflesias! (we didn't as there were only 1 tiny one blooming... so sad)

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