Sunday, May 23, 2010


i know, u've noticed that all i write are food reviews... yea, sorry bout that, i DO wanna show you the places i went and ate and thought it'd be good to review but well, i do admit, i've been avoiding to blog properly.... i dont' know, i feel that if i do, i'm not doing it 100% ... and if i don't, i feel guilty towards my readers....
a n y w a y ....... here're some updates... let's see, hmm....
i've asked to a bridesmaid to one of my best buddies wedding (ooh so excited - it's my second time!), and we all met a few times to see her choose her dress(es), went to material shop to choose cloth and colour for our bridesmaid dresses, also met a few times at the tailor for measurements. it was fun going through google images for ideas for our bridesmaid dresses. hope the tailor is good and the fitting fits!
been on a trip to Kota Kinabalu with the CHOICE girls (and their family), it's my 1st time going to Borneo and thanks to Audrey and Irene for organising the tours - it was lovely!! we saw alot, ate alot, did alot!! would love to go there again!! we practically went 60% of all Sabah! next 40% would be Sipadan area and oh, Labuan!
i saw those worms/maggots that the locals eat (but we didn't try), went for fish spa for RM5 (yes, it was only RM5) at a natural river with big a$$ fishes nibling (u can say biting) your feet! dipped our legs in hot water spring (already we were suffering in the heat somemore torture ourselves in hot water! lol), wanted to see the biggest flower but only one small one was blooming and it was a hike away - we were tooooo tired to do that, went to a viewing area up the hills to see Mt.K but it was cloudy, so didn't really see it properly, but it was cooling though! nice!! went to an island for some snorkeling and tan (tan for me la - snorkeling for the others heheh), loads of food and souviner shopping, manage to party abit and cuci-mata with the local boys... hehehe oh and we ate alot, CHEAP SEAFOOD YO!!!! check out my reviews, then u'll know! :P
had a hotel stay at G-Hotel curtesy of free rooms given to dad by his college where he taught at. nice place, contemporary, was practically having the hotel to myself as dad was working, mum was busy with PEA, but because it was during the week, everyone was busy working.. so yea, loads of ME time :) (really needed THAT at that moment... was really stressed)
was busy in preparing for the CHOICE PG Weekend #55 at St.Anne's Domus. being in the organising comittee, the last few weeks towards the weekend, you HAD to put the weekend as priority, u'll even go to sleep worrying about things, if we've done this, done that, called that person, if they have done it, bought things....etc IN THE END, it was all worth it! the participants loved the weekend, we enjoyed ourselves too, everything went smoothly in the end (eventhough there were some glitches), made new friends, came closer to current friends, and of course, closer to God :)
managed to try out Chicago Rib House when it's only 4 days old! and no dissapointment i'd say, would love to go there again, with someone ;) .......... another foodie la, aiyo, thought who? :P hehehe i've done a review and u would have read that already....
had belated Mother's Day at Station 1 Cafe at Komtar Walk, surprisingly food there was quite good!! :) don't mind going there again... so, why belated? u may ask? well the CHOICE weekend #55 was during Mother's Day, so couldn't chia mum that weekend, we had it a few days after that :)
hmm... if you remembered my previous (proper) post, i was mentioning about my health-stress issue? well i did get a referral letter to see a specialist, and i did, the doc did a scan, went on hormone pills, felt better, went for 2nd follow up, doc decided to have me continue on the same pills till my next cycle... shall spare you with the details, don't want you to be worried bout me... and next month will be my follow-up :)
i'm not gonna start about work, i don't wanna think about work... so, i won't write about work... *zips her lips* to depressing
... and i guess that's about it for the past few months... i'll try to write more in future, don't worry, i'm still around :) so God Bless You all and be safe :)

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