Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kelly's swim meet @ PISA Aquatics, Penang

again another overdue post.. heheheh... i'm sure my fellow readers are used to it by now :P but thanks for staying tuned as always *hugs*
so, my lil cousin Kelly came back for a swim meet, it was held at PISA. i tried to get my friends to come cheer for her but i guess it's something new to them and that it was kinda last minute as well. but to those who came, thanks a bunch!!

the meet was over the weekend, started fri evening till sun afternoon. i tried to come as often as i can cause i was working, so was kinda difficult. but anyhow, i managed to see Kelly swim for one or two events. in a swim meet (as i've experienced during the Paroi meet), there's lots of W.A.I.T.I.N.G so if you're alone, or don't have a book, or BB to go online or some games or someone to keep you company - u can actually be very bored.. waiting.. lol
tht's why i tried to come as long as i can to keep lil max (ok he's gonna turn 12 so he may not be lil anymore.. hahah) company. hehhehe... but then again, swim meets like this is just fun to be in - out of my boring routine!

we got my dad to come along as he has never been to a swim meet before and it was nice having some family together, shouting for KELLY GO! KELLY GO!! and be in the hype... heheheh... just make sure u have enough water to keep you hydrated and going.

so this is Kelly's last event and was hoping to get a gold. in this pic, looks like she's giving some pep talk to her teammates waaaa !! heheheh i think i'll let this video clip tell you what happened next. :D (btw Kelly's team is PST - PISA Swim Team)

she's good isn't she? heheh did your heart stop? or beat faster? mine sure does everytime i watch it! hahahah... so in the end she brought back 6 medals!! GOOD JOB Kelly!

with her coach - Mr. Andrew

swim meets are tiring for the swimmer and everyone who goes for one, but it's the fun of it, and rooting for your swimmer that makes it all worth while :) even the dog gets excited!!!

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