Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 - gonna be interesting

this year, 2010, gonna be kinda hectic. NEARLY every month there's something - no thanks to CHOICE.. lol!! they're taking up all my ALs and well, left some stressful decision meetups for MyviC and Dugongs... :) but i shall plan it properly... i have gotten a light weight "dairy" and it has all the already-confirmed dates.
so if u wanna book me, better book me early, so as not to dissapoint u! che-wah.. like PM liddat!
let me see, in brief i have...
a Sabah trip
a Kuching trip,
a weekend away at church,
a wedding (not mine).. in fact - TWO weddings!!!..
err... outings with the MyviC gang,
monthly meet up with the Dugongs,
a hen night (or weekend),
meetings and TT in between,
birthdays meet up,
cousins annual Summer hols and some....
and i'll definately slot in some trips to KL. gosh!!!
painful on the ALs and painful for the pocket. i hope i won't dissapoint anyone for not able to make it because of clashing dates. i'm already cancelling a Singapore trip for a wedding...
gosh, now is the time i wished i had the weekend off and worked weekdays like everyone else - then at least i won't dissapoint them....
AND..... inbetween ALL of that, i will have to plan/organise my next phase of working life... this is when my multi-tasking skills comes to play... hmm....
is anyone else as hectic as i am?

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