Sunday, February 14, 2010

my version of "balik kampung"

after bout 6months i didn't go "back".. i finally decided it was time to make a trip, short or not, i would go, cannot tahan dee... so i made a few calls, arranged acco with Godma and planned to go down with mum, i even managed to "catch" a good friend to balik with me (and share the cost as well). but then the night before, mum was sick with flu, cough and the works. i couldn't cancel the trip to last minute and if i did, i would be cancelling with the others the 2nd time!! so anyway, luckily i still had some co. to ride with me and of course to catch up with him. thanks Mr.Ghouse for teman-ing me for that..wat, 3 hrs? ride? heheheh

nasi lemak -highway stop with Zhafri

we left at around 7.30am on a monday and we reached Ampang, around 11am... good journey, no traffic, nice weather... just that was hoping we could share the driving, but our friend here had an expired driving license, as punishment, he had to stay awake to keep me co. and to prevent me from falling of to sleep while behind the wheel... yea i slept like 3am or so the night before...
so after dropping YB back, i headed towards my godma's place at TTDI, just driving around KL puts a smile on my face :D caught up with Godma, then after all that talking, we realised it was 1+pm and both of us were hungry, so we ended up at The Curve (cause i wanted to check out Debenhams - got sale!!) and had some Italiannis pasta.. yum yum... when u're in KL, eat what you don't get in Penang - ever!

now because this post is a few weeks late, i can't remember if i had a nap after lunch/shopping with Godma before going out again for dinner... hmm...
anyway, i planned to meet the ex-Dlinkers (and ex-Datacom) for dinner at Delicous @ MidValley (again, when in KL do not eat Penang food! - had to scold Farah for suggesting Lil Penang for dinner!) was still full from late lunch, so i had a salad... heheheh trying to be "good" konon-nya la...

finally got my bear-hug from Donny and the usual from Farah!
*miss you guys already*

Farah + Donovan (Dlink team), Sam (MS team)

now what did i do after dinner... nah, nothing, i went back to Godma's and continued chatting with her and helping her out with her new lappy.. heheheh... wat i was excited was the appointment i had the next day... heheheh
yup yup, pampering my car by Albert @ ProDetailers . he really did a good job for me, my car looked like new when it was done! i could just give my car a good hug and never want to bring it out in the open! LOL. managed to catch up with Albert for a while and he dropped me at The Curve again - this time i went to IKEA. :D

since i didn't have breakfast yet, i tahan-ed until i was in IKEA, done with homefurnishing and headed towards my meatballs at the cafeteria! YUM!! it was orgasmic!! i remember that few times i went there, they were not serving meatballs, i think they knew i was coming so.. heheheh *salivating now.....

then i remembered, that Mel was working around the neighbourhood AND had a flexible work time, so, i messaged to see if she could meet me for lunch, and she COULD!! sweetness!! though it was a short meetup - it was nice seeing her again after the brief meetup at the DEFINE party a week ago or something in Autocity. we had lunch at The Apartment, hoping i could get some Cuppacakes, but i think they stop selling through The Apartment.

when my beloved was done, Albert came to fetch me to get my beloved back and said my farewell to Albert. hoping to visit him again - sooner! was so knackered after that, that i had to have a nap, boy that was good, i was fresh again and ready to party! literally!!! yup, had made plans to meey my cousin Andre to check out the new work-place of DJ AaronC at CocoBanana @ Sunway Piramid. yup, he FINALLY left Beach Club! good for him.
BUT before partying, i headed towards Cyberjaya (yea i got caught in the after work traffic!!) to meet with more ex-Dlinkers for dinner. managed to get there in time :D it was good to meet up with Eddie and Monica. we talked bout our jobs (and how greener it is on the other side), life, love life, family, friends and how they changed and catch-up on other ex-Dlinkers. i somehow get refreshed and re-motivated after talking to these ppl.... :)

so after makan and chit-chatting, i headed towards Sunway Piramid to meet up with Andre. because we were early, and the club was empty -even at 11pm (Tues night - what do you expect?) we had a drink at Starbucks to catch up and that we should do this more often - go clubbing, now that he has more time :D
anyway, by 12+ the club was half full and music was great! it would be better if it was a full club and it wouldn't be so awkward partying and having the waiters looking at you cause they don't have much to do - not many clubbers. but i'm sure it would be packed during the weekends :D good set Aaron!

and that was my last nite! got home around 3am, slept till 10am+ and had a simple lunch with Godma at home. she had a mahjong appointment, so she left and i took my time to pack. i wasn't done with IKEA, so i decided to finish my trip there before i headed home. it's nice to walk around IKEA yourself but then, tiring too if u needed to carry everything by yourself.. lol
the drive home was kinda lonely, but i had Aaron's mix to keep me company. felt like doozing off afew times but dun worry, i did make a stop at one of the R&R and had a 15 min shut eye - that did the job! :D had some teh tarik, fruits and i was good to go again. i reached home in the evening - just intime for dinner.
so that was my trip. wished i could stay a lil longer but had to work and the $$ was limited... so yea... but it was good to see Godma again, ex-Datacom fellas, Albert, Andre and Aaron (3 As? hahaha) again. next trip, don't know when, but hope to see the rest of the gang and peeps from Urbanattic too! missed u guys!

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