Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Reutens Macaroni

this is the only way macaroni should be cooked... the Reutens way. i can bet that whoever was from the Penang Reutens line (Gerry Reutens and etc) would have tasted and had this before, if not lately but long ago and this heals the soul!!! i miss it!
don't know why they stop selling this type of macaroni :(
my old blog posts #1 and #2 on this macaroni!


Edzil and Cheryl said...

Hey I found a cheap-lak macaroni pasta selling at Sunshine Lip Sin. But I mean really cheaplak...when you boil it it all get's soggy and the texture is not as good as old fashion one. Colour also dirty brown and it really just looks so cheapskate.

Shimmers said...

oohh.... wats the name of the brand?