Tuesday, February 09, 2010

DEFINE @Autocity, Juru

so got this invite from one of my good friends on facebook, inviting me for this DEFINE event. reading the description, it says it's a "closed event" (on facebook) and has... read this FREE BOOZE!!! yup, u read it right, FREE BOOZE!!!... and the party is only for smokers... i thought, hmm... it's 3 mins away from home, i'm free on that night, i was itching to party, i needed a drink (or more)... but, only for smokers? so i made some calls, confirmed some things and yup, i could get in!
i was picked up from home and headed to the venue. i actually saw the makeshift canopy the night before when i was in Autocity with dad for dinner. i was wow!! that's HUGE!!! with lobby, aircon and toilets! i told myself this would be a very huge and happening party, couldn't wait! so yea, we were abit late and there was a huge crowd/line outside the "lobby"... managed to spot my gf from inside and she said to hold on.. in the end we managed to get it.

when we got in, we had to "register" ourselves and got some goodies. the lobby was interesting, mini pillars as per pic above, a DEFINE backdrop to pose and take pics with, chandelliars hanging from the roof. it was quite impressive. then we met our friends who were already inside, and proceeded to the event area...

partner in crime! :D

long time no see - since school i think - i used to have a crush on him HAHAHAH

when we went in, a WALL filled with ciggies greeted us, arranged in a way that it was quite impressive (ignoring the part that the ciggie boxes had those horrible pictures). was too shy to take a pic of the "wall" as there were some bouncers standing around with strict faces... ANYWAY.... pass that wall, we saw the WHOLE DAMN PLACE!! amazing!!! we just stood there for a few mins, soaking it in, the SPACE, the crowd, the LIGHTS.. omg the lights were awesome! and in the front there was a DJ spinning and a stage with a unique background.... did i say the lights were awsome???
hahah checkout the lil clip we took.

and... did i mention that booz that night was free flowing? omg!! so we headed straight to the bar and what was offered was beer (of course), whisky and Below 42! vodka! i've been wanting to try that since i heard of it but never actually had the chance, so ya! it was vodka all the way!! the many drinks we had, it depended on the bartender, sometimes it was diluted with the mixer, sometimes it was kaw... we ended up with the whiskey, that never failed to make us happy-ER! *hic*

this was one of the tables around the floor for guests - it had a dip in the middle, filled with some coffee beans, then there was a glass on top for your drinks... something different i'd say.
there was a grand entrance of Joe Flizzoe and another DJ at the stage, looking at the pic above, behind us, there was a "window" which opened from the stage wall... and that was their DJ console!! nice!! and in the "boxes" that made the wall, inside there were dancers dancing in the shadows... hence pics below for better look...
thanks to my babe here, Mel and also my partner in crime, Franklin, for inviting me to this event. it really "brighton" up Bukit Tengah and Juru for at least a night! LOL! we of course met up with some fellow BM fellas whom i never seen for ages, and some old/new friends from penang... bottom line, all came for the free booze, exclusive party and great music!! cheers guys!!! *hic*

one of my favourite pics that night, Franklin was trying many times to catch the many fancy lights for a great pic and i'm glad he got this one of me... :D

u have no idea how many pics we tried taking during the whole night just to catch that perfect shot of those wonderful lights.. ALSO they had pro photographers going around taking our pics and they took a few of us.. wonder if our pics will be out in those clubbing/socialite mags.. hahaha (yea dream on!!). anyway Mel informed me that all pics (taken by those photographers) belonged to DEFINE, so we might not see it.. oh well, one can only hope! heheheh

For more pics, it's HERE

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