Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shah Children's Home

CHOICE Penang just recently organised a MAD (Make A Difference) project. it was a visit to Shah's Children's Home at Mt. Erskin. about nearly 20 of the CHOICEes came to give support, some even came with their family, like your's truely, who's dad came along. :D

we gathered and had a convoy there with food in our trunks!! yup it was pot luck, everyone brought something for the kids (and for ourselves). we had briyani rice, curry, salad, sandwiches, fried prawns, sausages, fried beehoon/mee, jelly...etc we were stuffed with food!! and hope the kids like it... must be something different from what they usually have. :)

then after lunch, we had a game of Charade, that was fun!! some of us became the "actor", even Fr.Dominic joined in as well!! then after that we proceeded outside for musical chairs! gosh, those kids know how to play!!! hahahah we could see the competitiveness between themselves... hehehe. after that we had some sing-along action song. our musical talented Maria played a couple of songs with her guitar and that was cool!!

around 4pm or so (can't remember) we ended our outing with the kids with a crazy group picture!! we left half-heartedly, and wished the best to the kids. hopefully we can organise another outing to visit them again. to the CHOICEes who came, thanks for the support, without you the event won't be a success. and to Fiona Tan, who organised this, great job gal!

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