Friday, February 12, 2010

BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 - i want one!

so i've been wanting to change my phone since.. well... ya.. errmm... and i got to know from a friend that her co. is selling their 2nd hand BlackBerrys (BB) for really really really really good price. and it got me thinking.. but why?

to me, i thought, why would, I, of all ppl want a BB? i mean isn't BB's are for ppl who are working, on the go, need to check work emails even if they're out on the road...yada yada yada? me? once i leave the office, that's it, no work to bring home, whatever emails i get at work, they can wait till i come back to the office. even personal emails, not that i get so many also? so WHY do I need a BB?

well... i just thought since i've been thinking of changing my phone, it's a new year, why not? why not start the new year with a clean slate?! (and also i'm kinda lazy to sit infront of my pc to go online and do the usual - FB, Tweet, chat, email...) so i got the phone from my friend.
it's the BlackBerry 8700g. it's (i think) a 2 year old model, and in so called good condition - minimal scratches, and it came with everything, the charger, USB charger, ear plugs, convertable plugs and CD and manuals.
note : i NEVER used a BB before so i had no idea what i got myself into!

i was excited getting this thing. i couldn't pay attention at work cause of it, there's soooo many functions, even the keypad is totally different, applications and stuff. i was looking forward to Tweeting and FB-ing and chatting on my BB but i think i needed to setup all this. well the manual didn't really help as it was just regarding the BASICS of using the phone.

after a while of going through the Help topics, trial and error, there's a few things i couldn't use* with this model, the BB 8700g

- MMS - says my mobile network provider does not support, but they DO! i already checked!
- setting specific days for alarms - not like my other phone
- limited call/sms ringing profile options
- its confusing settings between Address Book <--> SIM Phone Book
- BB Messenger doesn't seem to work
- unable to use the Browser - says my mobile network provider does not support, which is untrue, as i used to be able to go on the Internet with the other phone!! hence unable to Tweet, FB, chat..etc
- most irritating is the need to enter password everytime when the phone's lock.. it's not as simple as press Send and * keys to unlock the phone..

*either the phone memang don't have those options, or i'm just a noob and didn't know how to set it, OR my mobile provider does not provide those services.....

** gotta give me some slack, i only got this 3 days ago and i've yet to explore the CD manual thingy yet

.......BUT ANYWAY, since what i have is a 2 year old model AND my mobile network provider doesn't seem to have support for BBs, and it doesn't have a camera AND i never was able to Tweet my mobile pictures and/or use MMS, i believe THIS would be the fix of it all!

it has EVERYTHING you want in a phone and it's jointly supported with Celcom - hence i believe no hassle of getting error messages like "your mobile network provider does not support this function" crap, let me briefly give u a list

- supports all types of Network (3G, EDGE, GPRS, GSM, HSDPA) and Service (850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100)

- it has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (WLAN) <-- i like, USB, Fax/Data

- it has TOUCHSCREEN babeh!!! <-- i sooo like

- internal memory is 2GB, also has external memory, and memory slots (MicroSD and MicroSDHC)

- battry power - take this... StandBy : 305 hrs and Talktime: 5 hrs!!!

- it has vibrate alert, photoID, ringtones

- camera!! - 3.15 Megapixels, digital zoom, focus, flash, video

- also SMS, MMS, T9 text, E-MAIL, INTERNET BROWSING <-- i like, Java, audio and video (includes MP4)

- it's also an Organiser (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), voice memo/dial

- it CAN auto-rotate (how cool is that!), speaker phone, GPS <-- i like, maps, games (which are downloadable)

- only 5.6oz !!!

like the Tiger theme? for this years Chinese New Year?! heheh
Gong Xi Fa Chai !!

AND because it's from Celcom, i'm sure if i get this, it's supported with the BB and everything will be working!! no frus, no noob feeling, no blurness!!! Celcom has a great packages, be it Prepaid, Postpaid, with great prices too!! and the coverage is practically everywhere!! u won't see a minimal bar of strenght anywhere, i bet it's always full!!
so, hello!!! Nuffnang people!! *waves frantically while jumping* i'm HERE!!
*sorry i can't blog about the event at Chinoz, i'm based here in Penang...

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