Saturday, September 06, 2008

Merdeka MyviC TT

another over due post...
so since my merdeka plans got cancelled, i decided to join the MyviC fellas on some car accessory shopping.. hehehe... got a call from Isfendy saying that they are all on the mainland and on the way to 99 Shop in desa damai... i made my move and went there to meet them...
gosh, that day was really hot!!!!
all in all about 10 cars were there... everyon was excited in getting some cool stuff for their car... this is when i learnt alot on the cool stuff that u can do to your car... like lights for interior, exterior, auto-start function, this la that la... info overload... but bottom line is that, are you willing to pay that much for all this, is this your passion? well, i didn't do any mod that day, was on a budget and i was trying not to fall in the badwagon to mod my car...
for me, since my SE has already the body kit, i just need to keep it clean and it should be fine... :D

info session.. was testing the lights for the auto-engine-on button - 3 members got it all at once!

two female members got lights for their cars - to be place under the dashboard (at your feet) inside the car - it was lovely actually, thought of getting it for myself but it cost RM99 (lights and installation)

~no, that's not my whitey~

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