Friday, September 26, 2008

birthday surprise #2

dad called me at work the day before my birthday and said that he gotten a present for me... and actually told me!! he didn't even wait till he gave it to me!! LOL... so since it was a sunday, and was free abit, i met him at QueensBay for early dinner... and gave be this!

i just love presents like this!

the minute he told me what he got, i started to think of what brand and model and functions... and finally when i met him for dinner, i got this!

it's the Sony CyberShot DSC W110, 7.2 MP, 2 GB memory card and all that jazz..... and this camera, has a "smiling" detector.... if i use that function, it can't take pictures of people who doesn't smile!! SERIOUS!! i've tried it!... so, if you see me using this camera, make sure you smile, if not, the camera won't like you! LOL...

thanks dad for the camera! love you! muacks!

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