Friday, September 26, 2008

dugong dinner

no... i did not eat a dugong for dinner! :P
we, the dugongs met up for dinner, supposedly my birthday cum uncles farewell makan... this time we briefly had alfred to join us! so, we were planning for some restaurant in QB that had mee-sua and stuff, i don't know which place... but it was packed, so we went to Yatai Mura (spelling?)....
it was my first time going to that type of Japanese restaurant, so was abit of a dugong/blur at that time.... i had issues picking out from the menu on what to eat... so, on the safe side, i had pork mayo set. it actually tasted nice eventhough it didn't look very appetising... had loads of onions though

anyway, it was nice meeting up with them again, and Alfred too! haven't seen him ever since i left..."hell".... same ol same ol as when i knew him from work... too bad he didn't stay long.. had conference call... hope to meet up with him again though.. :)

rosie's happy with her food
was Alfred happy with his?
after having dinner, we were still waiting for cyn to join us.. pity her, she had to come all the way to QB from work in Kulim. she must have been tired... but anyway, she did join us... but instead, we all headed to Old Town for some drinks, cyn had nasi lemak...
bekky couldn't resist it and she bought 2 more heel-clog-type shoes!!! my oh my... she tried "poisoning" rosie, but rosie was though... she didn't give in, BUT she hinted for those shoes for her bday though.. hmm.... naughty naughty rosie!

so that's the meet up with the dugongs! thanks guys for coming over for dinner and chit-chat!

kinda sad uncle is going down south for "greener pastures"... but we all are wishing him well! don't u dare forget us ahhh!!!

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