Friday, September 19, 2008

birthday surprise #1

this is the one that made me cry!!! hahaha i couldn't help it! LOL
i've been following this blog for .... ever since i started blogging, that would be a few years already... and when the waiter announced that he had a book out, i was ecstatic! i started looking for his book everywhere in all the bookshops in penang and in KL, none of them had it... i got more determined when i saw the UK version of the book! that's an awesome cover i thought to myself.... i was planning to get ms sharon who's now having a fun time in UK to get the book for me...
who knows!!! surprise surprise! someone called Kinokunia in KLCC and ordered the book 1 week in advanced in order to surprise me for my bday the week after! ... AND... Kinokunia got the UK version of the book!
my my, wishes DO come true!! LOL

my favourite book!

THANK YOU so much for the book TC!! *hugs*

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Anonymous said...

all good things comes to Princess, if she is patient ^^ love always cessy