Friday, September 26, 2008

around and about

been taking some pics off an on for the intention of blogging bout it... over due i know... but here are some.. enjoy :D

godma went plant shopping one day after she came back from the UK (her plants at her appartment was half dead)... so she brought back some lovely flowered plants and greenies.... this is a blue flowered potted plant she put in her balcony.. say hi to the gnomes!!

was back for St. Anne's Feast this year, briefly... managed to go for one mass, they did do abit of renovation around the church grounds, but as usual, there were too many ppl to really notice the difference..

one of my favourite Penang "rubbish" food - Mua Chee / cat shit as my family calls it! the best is from the uncle at the food stalls at Gurney Drive. there are two mua chee stalls, but the best is from the uncle (usually with his wife with him)... the other stall is a lady, usually not many ppl patronise her stall....

this is Roti Babi aka "pork bread" sold at Song River coffee shop along Gurney Drive... lovely supper snack, can be abit "unhealthy" as it's from pork and you can see it's abit oily.. hehehe... i went there with an old friend, hoping to get the famous fish-belly bakar (with tau cheong and garlic) but as usual, the uncle ran out of fish-belly... so unlucky...

inside the chapel of Lil Sisters of the Poor... celebrating mass is Father Neukie

TC and i went to Pulau Jerejak quite some time back and one day we thought of just going to the jetty to see what's happening at the island... it was kinda late so we couldn't go over, but the weather that day was lovely, cloudy, windy... just perfect....

we found out that Pulau Jerejak still had their room rates and spa rates, but they also have lots of outdoor activities like, cycling, paint-ball, team building stuff, canopy walk, hiking, camping, beach sports, rock climbing... just name it, they have it and on sundays, they have Hi-Tea buffet! we'll sure to go there again :D

loh bak - New World Park

chee cheong fun - New World Park

char koay teow - New World Park

ni yaa kuih (spelling?) - New World Park

... and.. drumroll please.... the famous Swatao Lane ice-kacang! - New World Park

New World Park is a new makan place that was taken over from the old Fun&Frolics land at Swatow Lane, that's why majority of the hawker stalls moved to New World Park... quality of food? well, to me it may have gone alil bit below expectation, but it's obviously better than what i get from "down south"! hahahah

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