Saturday, September 06, 2008

Congrats to Bekky and Aaron!

*another overdue post

since i've heard the good news, finally they're both engaged!, we decided to meet up to celebrate the good news... unfortunately the other half of the gang couldn't make it, so it's only them, me and rosie...

we went to E.T Steamboat in town opposite New World Park (they're no more in Gottlieb Road), food was great.. it's been a while since i had their steamboat... then after that, we walked (to ease our tummies) to starbucks for drinks at New World Park.

it was a great evening, lots of catching up, got to know the story on how it all happened, lots of laughs, deep topics and gossips! hehehe.. yea, aaron gossips too! :P

before the steamboat started

congrats again to the both of you, hope to hear on the wedding date ya! hugz!

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