Friday, September 26, 2008

dinner with the couple

since i came back.. i've yet to meet jess to catch up... so, since it was also my birthday, thought we'd kill 2 birds with one stone... so we decided to meet up at the newly opened Jusco Perda... i've been here twice, my current favourite shopping mall!! good food too!!...
talking bout food, i suggested Black Canyon and i didn't get enough of it after trying it out the first time for my mum's bday....
so we met, caught up and talked and talked and talked about me moving back to BM and my new job... after dinner, somebody wanted donuts, so we went to Big Apple (which is opposite Black Canyon) to get some... yummy..!!! then we headed to Baskin&Robbins for some dessert... :)

new camera was somehow on auto-take-picture settings, i didn't know it and it took a picture while i was turning the camera to horizontal view..

food was great, company was great and we'll definately do it again.... thanks jess and brian for meeting up again!! we'll plan another meetup k?

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